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Sunday, 25 June 2017

New crush!

I have a new crush. It's OK though its a celebrity I'll never meet & in reality would be doomed.  I actually don't fancy many celebs as a lot if them seem like knobs.

Joel  step forward.

I didn't know of his existence until I'm a celebrity get me out of here but by the end of the series really liked him.

Move forward several months & after seeing his stand up show I now love him.

He was hilarious, warm and bloody gorgeous!

In reality he's far too sculpted. See his Instagram for top of amazingness. He'd need to eat some pies or my mum tum would be a serious issue 😊

Who's your celeb crush?

Love Emma xxx

P.s since seeing his ACTUAL girlfriend my fantasy romance is over. She's too bloody perfect & I feel inferior even in my head! Stupid gorgeous slim, tall, perfect hair women.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Getting Married? No thanks.

Miss or Mrs?

Not married then?


Don't fancy being a wife?

No I do not!

From an early age I knew I didn't want to get married. I remember it being discussed at upper school and I was already set on being unmarried. The thought of being someone's wife never appealed. It felt like being someone's possession. I never understood why the woman's surname and title changed but the man's didn't.

On paper you can tell a woman has a husband.  You can't tell if a man has a wife. This never sat well with me.

I also don't really like the term wife.

Now I'm older I still have the same viewpoint but its not my main concern. I  have occasionally gone along with being Mrs Jones as it can be easier.

If you want to be married that's fine. If you don't that's also fine. Weddings are fun. Who doesn't like a party with their friends and family and drinking, eating and dancing?

BUT for me the BIG thing is I just don't understand what being married is for! What does it do? What's the point?

I've been with my partner 14 years. We have a house. We have 2 children. What difference would being married make?

I've heard some people say its because as a family they want the same name but a deed poll would sort that out.

Others have said its the commitment but how much more committed can you be than by having children together.

Stability but why are you more stable married than unmarried? It's easier to divorce than get a mortgage nowadays.

It really does puzzle me.  I'm not a marriage basher but its genuinely not for me. I'm very happy living in sin.

Rockley Park Haven Review

We have just returned from a lovely 4 day break at Rockley Park Poole.

We were lucky enough to have AMAZING weather and had the best time.

I can 100% recommend the site although if you have mobility issues it might be a problem as it is quite hilly.

The site has everything you would expect from a Haven site.  Swimming pools, arcade, play areas, Mash & Barrel, Live Lounge, crazy golf and trampolines (these are paid for activities).  Rockley Park also has its own beach access.  Sometimes these beaches can be a bit disappointing but Rockley Park was lovely.  Safe and clean with a harbour, café and play area.  You can participate in watersports and do a spot of crab fishing.

The swimming pool was a hit with the kids with a water slide and small splash park.  I always think they could be a tad bigger but it was perfectly adequate and in the warmer months the outside area will be open so everyone can spread out a little more.

Rockley Park has a lovely lay out and is one of the few sites where you do not need to access the arcade to get to other facilities.  It looks fresh and clean and I liked the beachy look of the main complex.

If you'd like to see some of the site and what we got up to you can watch my YouTube video below.

Youtube video of our break at Rockley Park

We had such a lovely time we are hoping to return next Easter.

Emma xx

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Polling day - School closures

Polling day school closures is a HUGE bugbear of mine.

My children's school closes for polling days which I think makes a mockery of the huge debate over parents removing children for term time holidays.

It appears when it is convenient for the school/council etc then your child's education is not important but if you deem it necessary to remove your child then you face the wrath of fines.  How about if I fined them?  My children's school was closed for 3 separate days last year.  5th May for police commissioners election, 23rd June for Brexit and 5th July for teachers union strike.

I had to use 3 days annual leave to cover these closures.  I know other parents had to pay for childcare.  I know work in a school and still cannot understand the decision and it is now more difficult for me childcare wise.

On the 4th May my school is closed AGAIN!!! This time for local elections.  I cannot have the day off as the school I work in is open.  Luckily my OH can have the day off although its not very convenient.

That will be 4 lost days in 12 months! How is that allowable?

I understand that voting needs to be made accessible to communities but why does my school have to be shut ALL the time.  We have a large church up the road with a community room.  Everyone knows where it is and it even has a car park.  Why isn't that used?

I feel so annoyed by the situation now that I am going to write to my local council.  The school say it is not in their control.

Does this effect you?  What are your thoughts?

Emma xxx

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