Tuesday, 4 February 2014

National Storytelling Week and Get Northants Reading

National Storytelling Week is all about encouraging reading, sharing and stories that make you smile, think, imagine and learn.

A campaign has also been launched to raise awareness of literacy rates in Northamptonshire, and get the county reading.  My favourite books as a child were The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy and I remembered an old Christmas tale that I had to look up called Lucy and Tom's Christmas by Shirley Hughes.  As a teenager I remember reading many Point Horror books and also Judy Blume.

In the spirit of reading and sharing stories here's a children's story I wrote for Lily quite a few years ago. It was one of my first attempts at writing. Some of the rhymes could probably do with a tweak but here you go -

Sock Monsters
By Emma Jones

When mum is sorting out the washing and pairing up the socks
She will often say “This one seems to have gone away”
Mum blames it on the washing machine
Or me and my little sister Faye. 

I like to help mum hang out the washing
We peg the socks up in pairs which flap on the line
They are all different strippy, spotty, thick and fine
There are mummies, daddies, my little sisters and mine. 

One day when I was playing with my dressing up I had a surprise
Who do you think I spied? As I sat in my fancy dress disguise
It was a sock monster small, round and soft
 And it was sneaking out of mum and dads loft. 

They don’t mean to be any trouble but simply love socks
They use them to build slides and lots of other rides
They like to slip inside them and also place them on their heads
But most of all they like to have them for their cosy beds. 

Next time you are getting dressed and find a single sock
Don’t shout for mum who’s busy making dinner in a wok
 The sock monsters will have it and will be on the run
On the look for the next sock to borrow for some fun.

Every now and then however they decide to bring them back
Much to mum’s delight an odd sock will be on the clothing rack
“Where ever has that one been” she’ll say with surprise
As the sock monster hides and will quietly apologise. 

The socks might be a bit stretched or holey as it’s been used in their games
And mum now wonders if next doors dogs the one to blame
Before mum can have a proper look the sock monster zooms away
Ready to come back for more socks and fun another day. 

Now you know the secret and sometimes when you rise
If you have a look in the sock draw you might find a little soft round surprise
They love sock draws and wardrobes and may appear grinning at you
But don’t be afraid they are very friendly and just flying through.
Currently Lily is into The Trouble with Daisy books by Kes Gray and Luke loves Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman (which was also a favourite of Lily's when she was little).

Happy reading week everyone.  What were your favourite childhood reads?