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Welcome to Hazel Robinson author of Something Missing

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Welcome to Hazel who published her first book Something Missing on the 1st May 2014.
SYNOPSIS: When Susan is left orphaned, she begins a harrowing journey through the care system. Left with both mental and physical scars, Susan approaches adulthood with a self-destructive impulse. However, there is hope in the figure of her childhood friend, Max; the first boy she ever  kissed.  

Now a grown woman, Susan returns to her childhood home of Winchelsea, where she hopes she will find the answer to the gap in her heart that she’s carried with her since she left. With Max by her side, she attempts to find the path her life should have taken, to build a home, to heal old wounds, and to finally create a family that will stop the terrible feeling of something missing.
But Max has a secret, one that risks destroying all hope of a happy ever after, unless they can find a way to heal one another.

The book is available as ebook and paperback and is available from Amazon.

Author Bio: I've always had a passion for reading but over the last several years it has become an obsession, a few months ago I decided to put fingers to keys to keyboard (or pen to paper!) and write "Something Missing" a story I’ve had hidden away in the back of my mind for a long time. 

Hazel lives in the small town of Rishton in Lancashire. England, with her husband, three children, two cats, dog, rabbit and lizard. She fills her days dashing between school runs, pets and housework and at night she comes to life either writing or watching her favourite program ‘Supernatural’ (yes she is Supernatural obsessed)

Her road to writing started with a love for paranormal romance novels, and after finding a passion for tragic romance she set out on the mission to share her own story. After long nights writing and a lot of ‘Supernatural’ episodes she is finally ready to share ‘Something Missing’. Hazel loves nothing better than sitting with a cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and a good book.
If you would like to contact Hazel you can find her at the following links-
Hazel Robinson at
If you would like to purchase Something Missing the purchase links are below -  
Here is one of Hazel's favourite scenes from Something Missing -

Max cautiously strode forward, smiling when he saw that she was wrapped up in
his hoodie. His smile quickly shifted to concern. His true love now looked frail,
skinny and very tired. His eyes roamed over her baby bump and he felt his heart hurt.
He had missed touching her so much. Her eyes were brimming with tears. He held
out his hand to touch her, but she shifted back from him like a timid animal. The
room was silent. He cleared his throat… it’s now or never
Below are a couple of teaser pictures from Hazel I love the black & white shot -

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