Sunday, 29 November 2015

YouTube Mania

Everyone watches YouTube.

I've used YouTube for everything from how to open a magnaclean (don't ask boiler problems) to fishtail braids.

My children watch streams of channels.  Their favourites are Jangbricks,  How to cook that, Zoella  (8 year old) Evantube, FGTEEV, Hobbykidstv  (5 year old).

Who knew watching someone unwrap kinder eggs could be so much fun? !?

I can't imagine a world without it but sometimes I'm  like what am I watching!

Do I really want to see your primark/next/boots haul? Umm turns out I kind of do!

Why am I interested in this crap?  Am I trying to stay on trend? Keep up with the Jones's (ha ha I am one!) Bored?

I quite  often go to bed tired yet browse YouTube, twitter and Facebook for another hour.

I use YouTube as a babysitter to get an hours peace.  I use it to research everything from fixing kindle screens ( virtually impossible) to dying my hair pink.

I love it yet loathe the time it consumes.

Am I becoming obsessed with YouTube?

Am I alone?


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