Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Zombie Attack

Zombie games. My son is 5 & obsessed with getting a zombie game. I constantly refuse & he constantly asks.

He loves apps & games but mostly plays car chase type varieties. He's used the cbeebies app for years & has already outgrown it.  Whilst I think it's brilliant it's so good with technology I worry about age limits and screen time.

I've researched a few zombie games and Plants vs Zombies seems the most age appropriate but I'm still not sure. It has a pegi rating of 7 which means it's the same as 3 which is suitable for all ages but might  contain some possibly frightening scenes or sounds depending on your child.

The game doesn't look anymore scary then a Halloween episode of the Simpsons but still.............

My son has always been the type to make guns from building bricks and a broken stick is a nunchuck. I used to worry but think it is just boys being boys however I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace the Zombie Attack just yet. Maybe when he's 6?!?

What do you think? Do your children play zombie games? How old are they?

Emma xxx


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  2. I never liked violent games and guns etc and used to limit these things but eventually either through friends or friends of friends these things creep into their lives. Err on the cautious side and wait another year xxx

  3. Thanks mumsy. Not sure why but your comments always seem to pop up twice. He is a monkey always asking for zombie or shooty games. X

  4. Paul always used to make guns out of lego LOL And if I remember correctly if he wanted a violent (ish) type of game he had to use his own money (birthday/Christmas) but then again he was older than Luke when I allowed it!