Sunday, 21 February 2016

Indoor afternoon tea

As it was February half term & my mum was visiting I decided to do an indoor afternoon tea.  Having recently perfected carrot cake & fruit scones (I'm thrilled as I'm not a natural baker) I decided these plus triangle sandwiches, posh crisps and jam/cream would be ideal.

Unfortunately I had a blogging fail and of the pictures I took only 1 worked properly! For some reason my flash wouldn't work boo!!!

Anyway it went down really well and I'll definitely do it again. Perfect for a rainy day or family gathering.  I'll share the recipes for the cake & scones anyone interested.

My son enjoying the homemade cakes.

Boo the flash didn't work but you can just about make it all out.


  1. It was thoroughly enjoyable, think I've seen the carrot cake recipe on Twitter but I've never managed to make a decent scone, so recipe would be appreciated :) :) xxx

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