Thursday, 24 March 2016

How old am I?!?

Someone asked me the other day how old I was & for a brief moment I was stumped. 34,35 ah no 37 is the right answer.

I'm not bothered by my age but genuinely forget. Since I turned 31 & had my second child my own age seems to evade me.  I'm quite looking forward to turning 40 but since turning 30 my age seems to be getting irrelevant.

Obviously life changes. For most of my twenties life was about living for the weekends, lie ins, hangovers, loud pubs/clubs, meeting people, cheap holidays somewhere hot & with a brilliant nightlife, sharing a flat/house with your friends, working full time, trying to find a career and having no money!!!

Things change I still have no money but now love -

Parks & playgrounds - finding a new one is brilliant
Holidays but now Haven caravan sites or all inclusive/kids club varieties
Being able to hang out the washing on a nice day
The rare amazement of a lie in
Quiet pubs with seats
Going to a friends house with a bottle of wine instead of said quiet pub
Staying in at the weekend watching BGT with the kids & a takeaway
Family BBQ's with the kids playing in the garden
Scented candles

What's changed for you as you've got older?

Are you bothered by your age?

Emma x        


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Don't feel guilty about bottle feeding

Jamie Oliver has opened an enormous can of worms.  I'm sure he is regretting his statement and may not have been aware of the consequences of stating breastfeeding is easy and convenient.

He has offended some, made others angry and probably left some mothers feeling utterly guilt ridden.

There are already reports stating breastfed babies have lower death rates, better immune systems and higher IQs to make us feel bad.  However you'll also find reports stating there is no truth in these claims and formula fed babies fair just as well. I think these reports are just wheeled out to make Mum's feel guilty. It's like saying if you don't breastfeed you don't love your child enough.

To be frank it's bloody ridiculous and needs to STOP.

It is nobodies business whether you choose to breastfeed or not.  Why do we feel the need to shame mothers or pressure them?

I read one blog post of a mum who tried breastfeeding for 3 days and gave up and has felt extreme guilt forever more. Her children look happy and healthy.  They are cared for and loved. Why should anyone feel  guilty? Why is it looked on as a dirty secret to use formula?

I formula feed both my children and they are fine.  My daughter is in the top sets in her class and both rarely have time of school ill. They thrived as babies and were healthy and happy.

I had a long and difficult labour with my daughter and doubt I'd have coped with breastfeeding. She was given a bottle whilst I was still in theatre. This however is not why I didn't breastfeed. I NEVER had any intention of breastfeeding. At home my steriliser, bottles and formula were bought and ready. I know it's natural but it most definitely did not float my boat.

Do I feel guilty? Hell no!
Are my children healthy and happy? Yes!

For the mothers that breastfeed well done and good on you. For the mothers that don't good on you too.

I hope all you mums with little ones don't have too many nightfeeds and your babies thrive.

Emma xxx

Friday, 18 March 2016

My top blogging/social media pet peeves

My top blogging/social media pet peeves

1. Being unable to find social media links. Love the post, like the person want to follow on instagram or Twitter can't find the links. Grr!

2. Pop ups and adverts. I know this generates money for some bloggers but I find it enormously irritating and sometimes just click off the post.

3. The use of the term little man. I don't know why this irritates me so much but it does. It has a similar feeling to nails on a blackboard. I know some people use it as they wish to keep the identity of their children private and I total respect this it's just the term little man! You don't really seem to see little lady/woman much. I'm also not keen on DD or DS and to start with had no idea what this secret code even meant!

4. I'm not a fan of the monochrome instagram accounts.  We are all different but this is not my taste. It must take ages to style and looks impressive but to me lacks any realism, warmth or humour. I recently saw an entirely black & white child's room & it actually made me feel sad. Of course this is just my view. There's room for us all in the instagram world.

5. People that use the word hate in their blog title & quickly retract it. Eg - I hate children's parties (bold title) Well I don't hate them but..... (in the first paragraph). The title is used to shock/entice and then I'm left disappointed by the watered down opinion.

6.  Facebook!!! This is the one social media outlet I long to expand but it feels impossible unless you are willing to pay regularly for the advertising. I love Facebook for my personal use but as a social media tool for Life in the Mum's Lane it's not really working. Although I dearly love my 84 likeys. Thank you. If anyone has any tips for Facebook growth I'd love to hear them.

What are your blogging/social media pet peeves?

Emma xxx

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Skinny ripped jean dilemma

Skinny ripped jeans

Would they suit a size 14 (nearly size 16 if I don't start my diet soon) 37 year old mum with 2 children??? This is my current dilemma.

My fashion tastes have changed and sometimes I feel lost in the waves of new designs.  I'm currently embracing the legging as I've put on a few lbs but that's another story.

Some fashion styles are obvious no go's. Crop tops just awful!!! and midi length dresses and trousers why???

Some are more tempting and the ripped jean is luring me in.

I love denim and this seems doable but will I look old, desperate or clueless.  I'm not sure help.

Minimal rippage maybe a could compromise!?!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Why can I not lose weight? (humour)

Why can I not lose weight?
I've eaten salad and not eaten late.
Oh but what about the biscuit or two,
Oops and I drank a wine or few.

Why is losing weight so hard?
Perhaps I need a cupboard guard.
I love food. Chips, chinese and cake,
It doesn't help my daughter likes to bake.

Why can't I just wake up slim?
I don't want to spend hours in the gym.
I bought the book & fitness dvd,
But I haven't actually made the effort see.

I know what I need to do,
But it's so hard who knew!
I must try harder as my jeans are tight,
Lose a few lbs and all will be right.

Hopefully the spring sunnier days,
Will boost me into healthier ways.
Countdown to maxi dresses has begun,
So I better embrace the weightloss fun.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Youtubers I love ❤

Youtubers I love ❤

It's only recently I've started watching Youtubers. I used to mainly use YouTube for tutorial type things (how to do a fishtail braid & add gadget on blogger etc) but now I've become slightly addicted.

It's wierd how enticing watching strangers can be. I've taken to watching YouTube rather than TV helped by the fact it's still cold & I can get in bed at 9pm and browse.

It's odd how addictive haul videos & parent chatter can be. I don't think I could put myself out there but I have huge respect for people that can do it & make an income.

The channels that have become my favs are:

Fleur Deforce & Fleur Devlog - I have become strangely addicted to this Youtuber who I stumbled across by accident. She has a huge following & is well established. I Ioved her Venice vlogs (so want to go!), general chatter & approach. Lots of make up and clothing.

Sarah Barnes - From Taming Twins lovely mummy Youtuber. Very warm & relatable.

Mrs Meldrum - Another one I've strangely become addicted too. I'm in awe at how her house, make up, clothes and hair look so perfect with 2 young children. Has regular uploads featuring day in the life and hauls.

Mummy in the know - I'm mew to this channel but like this youtuber who's another relatable mummy.

My Pale Skin - Make up channel well established.  I'm not into the contouring, false eyelashes, high end brands and multi product approaches but loved her video about bare faced beauty & her ethos.

Miss Budget Beauty - More basic make up approach that I can follow and another I found by accident. Lots of high street brands so affordable.

Have you become addicted to YouTube?
What channels do you watch?

Emma xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spring bucket list

Spring bucket list

It's spring I'm so happy even if it is raining and windy and still a bit cold! Winter is gone the days are getting longer it's still light at 5.30pm oh have I've missed the light.

With spring comes plans. You feel more able to get out & about and enjoy yourself.

My plans for March to May are -

1. Finish some DIY jobs. September to December was all about house renovation. The horrible stuff is done except the kitchen  (grr to house stuff being so expensive) but there's odd bits to do. Door handles sticking, bath panel missing and buying a wooden beam for the fireplace etc.

2. Visit Drayton Manor in Easter half term break.

3. Girlie London trip including the afternoon tea bus which I CANNOT wait for.

4. Long overdue hairdresser appointment
 Not sure whether to go ombre or proper blonde.

5. Family birthdays. There's a few birthdays over the next 3 months so we'll have some get togethers planned.

6. First BBQ of the year. We love BBQ's and always have our first in April or May. We've been known to carry on even in the rain.

7. Go on holiday. We are away 23rd May and I can't wait for some family time in the sun.

8. Being able to sit in the garden, go to the park and just general outdoorsness. Love it.

What are your plans for spring?

Emma xxx