Friday, 30 September 2016

Are you an organiser or last minute?

In my mind you are either an organiser or last minuter.

You like surprises or would be panic stricken at the thought.

I'm an organiser. I have next years holiday booked already & have plans for May 2017.

I love having everything noted on my calendar and the time to pay for holidays or trips. I like to budget & plan. I've already started making plans for Christmas. Having said that I'm not great with birthdays. I remember the month but not the date & buy cards which never get sent.

I'm not keen on spontaneous trips or surprises. Although the odd unplanned pub outing has been refreshingly lovely.

As I've got older more & more of my friends have followed in the forward planning mentality. I think as life gets busier and children are born things change although some are still free spirits.

People that have 2 weeks off work & want to go away but haven't booked anything throw me into a spin. How could they do that?!? 😊

Also parent's who casually arrange childcare for the school holidays with no real plan panic and amaze me. I changed my work contract to cover them such is my worry & forward planning nature.

How about you? Are you a planner or spontaneous spirit? Have you already planned next year's summer holiday?

Emma xxx


Friday, 23 September 2016

Northamptonshire Family Fun Farms

Kids love a farm trip and we are lucky to have some fab places to visit in Northamptonshire.

My top 3 to visit are Mini Meadows, West Lodge Rural Centre and Rookery Open farm.

Mini Meadows
Naseby Road, NN6 6HZ
Mini Meadows Farm

Open everyday (including every bank holiday)
Opening hours: 10am – 5pm
Admission prices:Adults: £3 Children: £3 Feed Bucket £2 Under 2’s free of charge

I love this little farm with lots of animals to feed, Guinea pigs to cuddle, outdoor play area and indoor huge sand pit.  The farm also has a new cafĂ© which is lovely.  Our hens were purchased here so if you fancy having some pet chickens this is definitely the place. It is amazing value for money and my kids love it.

West Lodge Rural Centre
Desborough, NN14 2SH
West Lodge Rural Centre

Opening times 7 days a week from 2nd January to 24th December
1st February to 31st October 9.30am - 5.00pm
1st November to 31st January (except December peak days open till 5.30pm) 9.30am - 4.30pm
Christmas Eve 10.00am – 3.30pm
Closed 25th December to 1st January

Admission prices do vary so check the website Child £4.20 off peak £5.45 peak online

Brilliant large farm with cuddle corner, outdoor play area, barrel rides, pedal tractors, pig races and walks.  They have great themed events throughout the year.  I have been to the Halloween event which was great.

Rookery Open Farm
Stoke Bruerne, NN12 7SJ

Open 19th March to 30th October 2016.
Open 6 days a week, Wednesday - Monday, closed Tuesday's.
Opening hours are 10.00am to 5.00pm.
During October we are open on weekends Only.
During the October school half term we open again Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, CLOSED on TUESDAYS.

Admission prices: Adults £6.50 Children £6.00 Senior citizens £6.00          
Family Day Pass £34.00 (2 adults & 4 children) Children under 2 can enter for free.

Great farm with cuddle corner with the goats, large outdoor play area and indoor soft play.  Go karts and bouncy castles.

Emma xxx
Life in the Mum's Lane

Days out Northamptonshire - Country Parks

In Northamptonshire we are luckily enough to have 5 brilliant country parks to walk, cycle and play and hopefully tire out the kids.

Next time you are stuck for somewhere to go maybe check out one of these.  All country parks are open all day, every day.  Parking is £3.00 daily. Country parks annual car park passes are available.  The cost of an annual season ticket is £49.00 to cover all five parks or £36.00 for parking in one named park.

Sywell Country Park

Sywell has a beautiful reservoir to walk around, sand pit outdoor play area, woodland play area with tunnels/big slide and an indoor play area for the little ones which is attached to the case and open 10am to 3pm.

  • 7:00am to 7:00pm daily (except Christmas Day)
  • Cycling is not permitted within Sywell Country Park
  • Pump House Cafe open daily (except Christmas Day

  • Brixworth Country Park

    Brixworth sits beside Pitsford Reservoir and you regularly see boats sailing/canoes/windsurfing.  There's signposted easy walks, play area and cycle routes.  For the more active you can do the 7.5 mile Pitsford water trail.
    • Free admission
    • Free WiFi
    • Cycle hire
    • Willow Tree CafĂ© open 10am to 4.30 pm (5pm Saturday and Sunday)

    Irchester Country Park

    Former Ironstone quarry with lovely walks around the trees, big play area,jungle parc high ropes and Narrow Guage Railway Musuem.

  • Free Admission but additional charge for high ropes
  • Quarrymans Rest Cafe open daily except Christmas Day
  • Jungle Parc Adventurer Course Price per child £14.00 (free for supervising adults)
  • Xplorer Course Price per person £20.00 (participants aged 10-adult) Family Ticket £70.00 for 4 participants.

  • Fermyn Woods Country Park

    By Rockingham Forest this country park is slightly smaller with a great play area.
    • Skylark CafĂ© - Open 10:00am to 4:45pm daily March to October    
    • Open 11:00am to 3:00pm weekdays November to February
    • Open 10:30am to 4:00pm weekends November to February 
    • Toilets - Open 8:30pm to 5:30pm daily (except Christmas Day and New Year's Day

    Barnwell Country Park

    This country park is located in Nene Valley. 3 waterside trails, boules court, play area and lots of ducks to feed.

  • Toilets 8:30am to 6:00pm daily
  • Kingfisher CafĂ© open daily.  10am until 4pm weekdays, closes 5pm weekends.

    Emma xxx
    Life in the Mum's Lane

    Monday, 19 September 2016

    Crap I don't have time for!

    Some mum's are uber organised. Some mum's are uber house proud.  Some mum's like me just think life is too short for perfection and crap I don't have time!

    • Ironing - Just Urgh!!! I hate it.  I iron the bare minimum.  I'm a firm believer in hanging things up and the creases (might) fall out.

    • Make up - Although I have been attempting to wear it slightly more often now I'm edging towards the big 40.  I just don't understand  mums who have time for a full face of make up every day! How do they do it?

    • Exercise - I know I should make time but seriously I'd rather watch Youtube or catch up on some telly.

    • People telling me what to eat - I hate the new craze for clean eating, 5:2 plans, Paleo diet, dairy free etc. Although the photos on Instagram look nice I don't like being told what to eat by mostly unqualified people.

    • Hangovers - I'm seriously too old. The hangover can last longer than the drinking. Just blur!!!

    • Rudeness - There's just no need. Smile. Say please and thank you.

    • Homework Projects - I feel homework is less for the child and more for you. Well at least at primary school. If its a craft project my heart sinks.  In the last couple of years I've had to make a rainforest, fire engine, shoe, miniature garden and air raid shelter. Thank god for Google!
    What crap don't you have time for?

    Emma xxx

    Thursday, 1 September 2016

    Why do I have to brush my hair today? - Short childrens story

    Why do I have to brush my hair today?

    Every morning Lily-Anna would say “Why do I have to brush my hair today?”
    “Because otherwise it would get messy and look like hay, now please do as I say.”
    After many weeks mum gave in “Ok no more brushing you can have your own way.”
    “Wow” Lily-Anna thought this is cool as mum said “Right off to school.” 

    A few days past and Lily-Anna’s hair was getting messy
    But she wasn’t worried but mum was getting stressy
    By the end of the week Lily-Anna’s hair was a state
    There were lots of knots and tangles which mum did hate.

    “Have you had enough, do you give in?” Mum asked after tea,
    “Let’s comb your hair properly before you get a flea,”
    “No I like it mum, no more combing for me,” Lily-Anna said with glee
    Mum disagreed “We’ll see about that, just you wait and see.”

    The tangles got bigger and some toothpaste got in,
    Lily-Anna wasn’t worried and thought that’s it I win.
    But soon it got worse and looked like a nest,
    Lily-Anna’s hair no longer looked its best.


    By now Lily-Anna‘s head was starting to itch,
    She was starting to look like a scary witch.
    Mum was getting worried how long could this go on,
    Days, Weeks, Months oh dear this was wrong.

    Lily-Anna’s hair by now was a mess,
    Tangles, toothpaste, leaves and even some cress.
    The next day Lily-Anna and her friend were playing,
    Running around and sat on the swings swaying.

    Suddenly a little mouse appeared,
    It ran towards Lily-Anna with no fears.
    It ran up the swing frame and down the rope,
    It took a look around and then jumped………….

     ………………….Into Lily-Anna’s hair!!!

    “What was that?” Lily-Anna cried,
    “Um nothing,” her friend lied.
    Her friend ran to the house,
    “Come quick, there’s a mouse!”

    “Oh my goodness!” mum said as she heard Lily-Anna’s hair squeak,
    Suddenly mum felt her knees go weak.
    “Enough is enough,” Mum suddenly burst,
    “This is going on no longer, it can’t get any worse.”

    Lily-Anna began to jump about,
    The mouse squeaked again and then jumped out.
    “Thank goodness for that” Mum cheered,
    Lily-Anna suddenly felt a little bit weird.


    “It’s time to get you back to looking you best,
    Let’s go to the hairdresser and get rid of this hair nest.”
    The hairdresser covered her in a gown,
    She looked a bit puzzled and her face turned into a frown.

    “This is going to be quite a job but I’ll see what I can do,”
    The hairdresser sighed and then got the shampoo
    She washed, brushed, snipped and styled
    After a while she was finished and everyone smiled.

    Lily-Anna’s hair was shiny and straight,
    The tangles had gone and it no longer looked a state.
    Her hair was beautiful and no longer looked like a nest,
    Lily-Anna and her mum both smiled and thought it a success.

    Lily-Anna loved her new hair do,
    She never moaned again when mum had brushing to do.
    Her hair stayed beautiful, soft, and clean,
    And was only messy on party nights at Halloween.