Thursday, 22 December 2016

Youtuber own product advertising

I watch a few YouTubers often but recently with one in particular I'm getting annoyed.

I know the pro YouTubers have to make a living from their channel but the constant advertising of their own products is such a turn off and I feel takes advantage of younger viewers.

If a vlog is sponsored/paid it has to be clear to the viewer but it seems if its their own product  they can just casually fling it in.

One particular YouTuber does it so often in her  vlogs I'm bordering on not watching. Trouble is aside from this I like her content. There's always a handily placed DVD or just blatant buy my stuff spiels.

Another I watch does it sometimes but in a much more subtle fashion & far less often with eyelashes.

A third has a homeware range at Primark but again it doesn't seem as jarring but I'm sure encourages the younger viewers to buy.

What do you think?

Do you find it a turn off?

Emma xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wicksteed Park Illuminations and Enchanted Tales

Wicksteed Park Illuminations

We visited Wicksteed park this week for the Illuminations and they really were beautiful and it felt quite magical. 

The price includes unlimited entry onto the Carousel, Astroslide, Tree Top Walk, Cups and Saucers, Aviary and the vintage roundabout for toddlers.  It also includes a show as storytellers tell magical tales (We didn't do this bit).

We were there for about 2 hours as our children went on the rides available multiple times and they loved it.  However I do feel the ticket price is slightly expensive and they should maybe introduce a family ticket or cheaper entry for children next year.  The park was very quiet and I wonder if the ticket price has put some people off.  It really is lovely though and we had a great time as a treat for the kids pre Christmas.

For the parents just note the Tree Top Walk is not a leisurely stroll but an obstacle course which my kids loved but was a little tricky for me with my handbag and being 5 foot 7!

If you'd like to view my YouTube video click on the link below

My Youtube video

Enchanted Tales and Illuminations will be open daily from Friday December 16 2016. Our magical event runs between 4-8pm.

You can book tickets quickly and easily online or pay on the gate.
Per Person: £10.00
Children under 90cm: £2
Reduced rate: £8 (must bring proof of DLA on day of purchase)
There are group discounts of 10% for 10-19 people and 20% for 20+5

Click on the link below to go to Wicksteed's Illuminations page

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Airfix #QuickBuildTimeChallenge

We were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the #QuickBuildTimeChallenge with Airfix.

We were sent two models to build the Lamborghini and Hawk and a stopwatch.

My daughter is a Lego expert but found the Hawk quite challenging.  She went wrong twice so I have a go and also went wrong but managed to build most of the model.  We seemed to make a mistake each time with the red flat bricks in the middle.  I'll have another try and report back at a later date.

The Lamborghini was much easier and looks great once built.  My daughter enjoyed the build and and got a time of 16.07!

Watch our video to see how we got on.

YouTube Video

The pre-coloured pieces push together without glue or paints.  This is a great introduction to Airfix for kids.  There are several other models to collect and build.  Spitfire, Bugatti, VW Beetle, McLaren P1, Apache Helicopter and Mustang.

The Quick Build set is aimed at 5+ but my 6 year old could not manage so I would suggest slightly older.  The 9 year old enjoyed the project.

Why not have a go and let me know your time?

Emma x

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Foodbank Awareness

Hiya this is a slightly different post from me.

I wanted to raise some awareness of food banks.  Unfortunately they are still needed and at Christmas time a lot of food bank charities ask for extra donations.  Your donations will help families & individuals in need.

For the last 2 years I have given a small donation to the Trussell Trust using the text service.  You can text FBUK14 plus the amount E.G. FBUK14 £5

You can make donations in several ways and there's loads of information on their website.  Links below.

This year I found out about a local charity called Restore Northampton. 

Unfortunately hunger is not just a third world problem, right now in Northampton there are many people living on the edge of poverty and The Food Bank has been able to help 1000's households and families who have experienced a crisis of some type.  The Food Bank provides emergency packages for local families and individuals.

So this year I decided to make a food donation instead.  I took this to the centre on Sheep Street, Northampton on Tuesday (I had a slight problem with entry!!! If you go use the back door.) Donations can be taken Tuesday & Thursday 1-3pm.

They have a suggested food list on their website which I have included for information.  It is mostly tins, dried food items and toiletries.  They are also running an advent calendar campaign.  They suggest a food item each day for you to collect and the full box is then donated on the 24th December. Suggested items so far are biscuits, nappies, coffee, toothpaste, tinned meat, shower gel and deodorant.

There are 14 locations for food donations.  The website has all the details.

If you are able or interested in donating you can click on the links for more info.  I have made a short YouTube video about this for those interested.  Please forgive me it was my 1st vlog!

Thanks for reading

Emma xxx

Merry Christmas

Easy Christmas paper bag stars!

The kids love craft projects but I'm not the most crafty mum.  Sewing/Knitting etc is not my thing. 

This craft is super easy and anyone can do it.  Paper bag fold out stars.

All you need is paper bags, glue stick and scissors.  Easy Peasy.

I bought my bags on eBay for £2 but you can get them in loads of places.

Stick 9 bags together. You glue in a T shape. Along the bottom and up the middle.

Once all 9 are stuck together cut a V shape at the open end.

Then put a T shape of the glue on the top bag and fan out and stick together.

Voila fold out beautiful stars.  You can use any colour and attach ribbon to hang in windows, fireplaces or your Christmas tree.  We found 9 bags worked best but if you used larger bags 7 would be fine.


Emma xxx

Personalised Santa Letters - Lapland Mailroom

I have been lucky this year and this lovely company will be sending letters to my children.  I can't wait to see them receive their own special mail.

Individually addressed, beautifully designed and presented, every letter from Santa has the look and feel of pure quality. And it'll sit perfectly with the cherished keepsakes by which you'll remember forever their earliest years.

You can personalise the letters with names, age, town, best friend and what your child is hoping for and a special additional message.

Letters are £7.95 or £8.95.  There's also a special babies 1st Christmas version.

If you would like to look at the website or order your letter click on the link below

Lapland Mailroom

The last ordering date for all International orders will be Tuesday 10th December 2016

The last ordering date for Europe will be Saturday 14th December 2016

The last ordering date for all UK order will be Saturday 20th December 2016

So there's still plenty of time.

I'll share my letters once they arrive.

Emma xxx

Merry Christmas

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Scribble Scramble Review

Scribble Scramble review.

We were lucky enough to receive a game to review. The kids loved it & found it much easier & more entertaining than other drawing games. 

Its light & portable so could easily be taken with you to entertain the kids whilst waiting for a meal for example. I would throughly recommend.

Crayola Games

The game retails for approx £19.99 but is on offer at several retailers.

If buying fot Christmas remember to get batteries 3 x AAA 

Example of the items to draw.
Action packed Scribble Scramble is a frantic team game for 4-8 players aged 6+ where you have to guess it before it disappears! Race against the moving Scribble Scramble unit to decipher your team’s doodle before it disappears! Pick a Scribble card, start in zone 3 on the board and the quicker your team guesses your drawing the more points you get! First to 20 points wins! With storage for the 2 x Crayola Dry Erase Pens plus 80 x game cards included within the unit, Scribble Scramble has multiple game play combinations to keep you on your toes!

Disclaimer: We were sent this item to review but all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Highs & Lows of parenthood

The highs and the lows of parenthood can be ridiculous.

For example my daughter got an award at school and my son has moved up a reading level and then............smashed kindle screen. It was an accident. But its the second time. By the same child. If you've read other posts I'm sure you can guess which one. 

He was upset. I was annoyed. There were tears. I only got it fixed in the summer at a cost of £50. It's still useable at the moment but I'm not sure how long for.

As a result he's in a strop and its sods law it's swimming lesson day. Queue stressy drive to swimming lessons and moaning about the placement of swimming hats!

Roll on bedtime and a happier day.

Emma xxx