Thursday, 17 August 2017

Elderly care & my dilemma with falls

I want to start this by saying I love the NHS and the thousands of staff that keep our country healthy.

However I feel one area is lacking. Our elderly people are falling down the cracks.

My dad has falls which are random and due to Parkinson's. It can be months with none or several in a week.

He has recently had a bad spell. Saturday & Sunday he was unwell. On Monday he fell with no injury.

I called the doctors who diagnosed a urine infection so I collected some antibiotics. 

However he fell again with no injury but could not get up.  He is a 15 stone man who I cannot lift.  Luckily after a fraught hour a neighbour helped.

Once back in bed he felt more comfortable.

When the carers arrived they said as he'd fallen an ambulance needed to be called.

He had no injury but was unwell.

This is where my dilemma comes in.

I'd had dealings with ambulance staff twice before due to falls. One team were nice the other told me it was not their job to pick up people who had fallen over.

In my opinion an ambulance is unnecessary but there is not an in between service.

An ambulance team costs a lot of money and being called out prevents them getting to something more life threatening.

When my dad or any elderly person falls I believe an intermediate team is required to check them over & suggest the next step which could be GP home visit, ICT team visit or hospital referral.

Obviously if the fall has resulted in an injury an ambulance is required but the 3 times I've now dealt with them my dad has not been injured. Twice has been due to infection & weakness. The other time appears to have been medication related.

I feel both thankful and guilty to the ambulance teams.

I know this will probably happen again and am at a lost as what to do.

I'm hoping with a few tweaks he can be monitored more but its the randomness of the falls that cannot be planned for.

The team were so lovely & said I could call back if worried but it feels like an unnecessary use of resources.

I strongly believe a fall team should be invested in arriving in a smaller vehicle. Staff trained to safely lift a patient and assess the situation.  This would relieve pressure on ambulance staff and be a better use of correct resources.

I also believe more information needs to be available for family as to help available.  I've found it a huge uphill struggle.

I don't know the answers but feel our elderly care does need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Love Emma xxx

Parkinson's - Symptoms & help

This is a different sort of post from me but I thought it might help someone out there.

I believe Parkinson's is a misunderstood disease.  My family has had some first hand experience. I am by no means an expert & as a family we are still researching treatment and trying to find solutions but what I do know may assist you.

I thought Parkinson's was just tremors & effects the elderly.

Tremors is actually only the tip of the iceberg and NOT present in all cases.

For my dad the main symptom was reduced mobility & problems with balance. It was a GP in October 2015 that first highlighted that my dad's shuffle was hugely characteristic of Parkinson's.  He was officially diagnosed in January 2016 but we feel now it had probably had Parkinson's for 2 or 3 years prior.

For those that do not know the symptoms are -

Main symptoms
Tremor (shaking)
Slowness of movement
Rigidity (stiffness)

Other symptoms
Bladder and bowel problems
Eye problems
Falls and dizziness
Restless legs syndrome
Skin and sweating problems
Sleep problems
Speech and communication problems

Mental health symptoms
Hallucinations and delusions
Memory problems

I had no idea that Parkinson's could cause memory loss & this has been a huge issue for us.  After a couple of tricky months especially over Christmas 2016 we now have carers who visit daily.

If you require this sort of help for someone contact your Adult Social Care Unit through the council or get a GP referral.  It did take approximately 4 months to get the care plan in place but obviously this will differ in each council area.

To help prevent falls my dad lives downstairs & has hand rails fitted to assist movement.

He is currently on Madopar and whilst the improvement seemed minimal you can tell a huge difference if he fails to take his medication.

Madopar is used in Parkinson's disease to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain.  The neurotransmitter dopamine is known to be reduced or absent in the brains of people with Parkinson's disease, and this is thought to be the cause of the disease's symptoms.

There are other medications available and it is probably not a one size fits all but Madopar might be a good first step.

I hope this helps someone and take care.

Emma xxx

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Time for Goodbye - Short Story

Time for Goodbye
“What do you mean you haven’t told her yet?” Jane whispered quietly “We are supposed to be going next week.” Jane sighed and shook her head. “I understand it’s difficult.” She continued softly “but it’s been months and I know you and Lisa need this to be over. Everyone can finally say a proper goodbye. It’s for the best and the cottage is booked.”

“I know. It’s just she rarely answers the phone now a days and I haven’t had time to pop over.” Brian replied sounding anxious.

They didn’t realise I could hear them. I closed my eyes enjoying the sun streaming through the windows and imagined I was at the seaside. I loved the sea, the crashing waves, and bracing fresh air. I hadn’t been in a long while come to think if it. Not since Harry became ill. I shook my head dislodging the thought and tried to relax and enjoy the sunshine again but the moment had passed. I felt a familiar lump form in my throat and my eyes watered.

“Hey Mum.” I heard Brian say as he eventually entered the room, “How you doing?” I smiled and nodded. He came over to the chair I was sat in and perched uncomfortably on a small footstool. “Jane is just making a cup of tea.” As he finished the sentence Jane appeared with a tray, three mugs and a plate of biscuits. She also had a bunch of flowers wedged under her arm and struggled to open the door. I’ve always liked my daughter in law, she’s kind hearted, and I can see my son clearly loves her but we’ve never really gelled. I’ve always felt she looked down on me and Harry a little. I remember when Jane and Brain married I fretted for weeks about my outfit. I feared I would show Brian up and didn’t want to appear dowdy in the wedding photos. Of course Harry said I was being silly and Brain wouldn’t care if I showed up in my cleaners smock. The day had been lovely and even I had been pleased by my appearance in the photos.  Harry had looked fabulous in his suit and we’d reminisced about our own wedding day. The sound of the tray being put down dragged me back to the present.

“Mum we wanted to talk to you about dad.” Brian said holding my gaze, “Do you remember me saying about going on holiday?” I shrugged feeling confused. What holiday? What did Harry have to do with it? I saw Jane and Brain exchange a worried look. I sighed wishing I could go back to my seaside dream. “I’ve booked it. We go next week. All of us.”

“Mary it will be lovely.  We can have a stroll along the sea front and spend some time together. I think it will do you the world of good. You’ve been cooped up a lot lately.” Jane smiled.  “I’ll help you pack. Just let me know what you want to take. It’s only for 4 days but will be great. The boys are excited. We’ll take Harry and say goodbye.” I understood what they were talking about now. Various friends had told me it was time to move on. People seemed to think I was living in the past. I had been withdrawn but liked being home with my thoughts. “We’ve been worried about you Mary.” Jane said softly and stroked my arm, “The children have missed you.” I missed them too but just seemed to lack the energy and motivation.

“Mum we all need to move on. Dad would hate this.” I knew Brain was right but I wasn’t ready. I wanted more time. Jane and Brian chattered on about times and places but I didn’t take much notice. Later when they had left I noticed Jane had stocked the fridge with four cooked meals all neatly labelled. It was kind of her as I hadn’t much felt like cooking recently and I realised I was fortunate that she cared.

The following week I was picked up and our holiday began. The children excitedly babbled in the back of the car. Both boys said they were happy grampy was coming with us. I had mixed emotions. Their happiness was infectious however and I began to feel lighter than I had in weeks. Once we arrived at Hollowell Shores the boys raced off. Both needed to get rid of some energy after being stuck in the car for several hours. Jane unpacked and I surveyed the little cottage. It was in a beautiful location. A small play area was a few feet away and you could see the sea in the distance. Seagulls squawked overheard. My daughter Lisa appeared and hugged me tight. Lisa and Dave (her husband) had travelled in another car and arrived a few minutes after us. “Isn’t it lovely? I wonder if the beach huts are still there.” She said kissing my cheek. “It’s lovely to see you mum. I’ve missed you.”

 The day passed quickly and as night fell I had the best night’s sleep in months. The sea air seemed to have cleared my mind. The following day we went down to the beach. The beach huts were still there and it was a beautiful day. The waves gently lapped the shore and the sky was dotted with white fluffy clouds. The boys raced off looking for crabs. “Mum I think dad would love this.” Lisa said sliding an arm through mine. “It’s hardly changed.” As I stood looking at the sea I realised it was time to say goodbye. I had been selfish in my grief and removed myself from my family. I had worn my grief like an invisible coat and as the sun shone I realised it was time to take it off. “You’re right love.” I replied squeezing Lisa’s hand.

For the first time in 9 months I talked about Harry. We had brought Lisa and Brian to Hollowell Shores many times when they were young and memories came to me in vivid flashes. I laughed and cried as I recounted stories including an unfortunate incident involving a fishing hook and trip to the local hospital. Brian fetched the urn from the car and we all stood on the beach our feet getting wet as we let the ashes scatter into the sea. “Bye Grampy.” Oliver said eyes watering.

“Don’t get eaten by a shark.” James said smiling and waving. We all stood peacefully for a few moments before James continued “Or a seagull. I hate seagulls.” I laughed and ruffled his hair.

We enjoyed the rest of our break and Brian enquired about the beach huts. We put our name on the waiting list and vowed to return every year to have a family holiday with my beloved Harry.

Sometimes - Poem

Sometimes you feel like you're winning,
Other times you are just staying afloat.
Sometimes your temper is fraying,
Others you can smile throughout.

"Don't do that."
"Get dressed."
"Let's go"
"Stop hitting each other."
"Eat your dinner NOW!"

Little battles everyday,
Little victories too.
Parenthood is definitely challenging,
Rewarding and a test.

A smile,
A cry,
A hug,
A scream.

A kiss,
A shout,
A cheer,
A blame.

Remember sometimes we are winning,
Sometimes we are just staying afloat.
Tomorrow is always a new day,
So don't beat yourself up or worry.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lets talk swimming!

Let's talk swimming.  The school holidays are here. Many of us will go away. My kids love swimming and will go daily when away.  I'm not so keen but do the good parent thing and join in.

The reason is not the swimming suit shopping, wet hair, cellulite or big tum although they are all annoying.  NO its the bikini line issue!!!

How do people get such tamed and smooth bikini line areas?  Why do other women seem to be happy with their bikini line grooming techniques? Instagram, Facebook, TV ads and magazines all show amazingly confident women flaunting their usually flat tums, long legs, perfect tans and NO stray hairs.  I can live with the amazing bods but the bikini line leaves me baffled.

I admit it I'm shy/prude and the thought of a stranger waxing my bits leaves me feeling cold! I've never taken the plunge so have always had to resort to shaving or Veet.  Both are pretty crap and after a few days I have the feared regrowth which is not great on a 7 to 10 day holiday.

My saving grace has been a swimming costume with the little skirt bit, a little bit 50's and quite flattering.  Although that then comes with its own problem as once wet going to the toilet is like mission impossible.  Pulling the dam thing back up is like a workout class!

Please say its not just me.  Help!!!

Wicksteed Park Review

Wicksteed Park is an amusement park in Kettering and is one of the oldest theme parks in the UK.

I have been several times but went recently for my nephews 5th birthday and we had a fab day out so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the place.

You can purchase wrist bands or tickets depending on your circumstances.  We bought 40 tickets for £37 and topped up later with an extra 10 for £12.50.  We opted for this as my son wanted an adult for some rides and it meant we could mix & match.  My sister opted for wrist bands for her children at £19 each.  The wrist bands are slightly cheaper if you book online so if you visit check this out first.

The park opens at 10.30 but closing time varies depending on the season.

I would recommend this amusement park for anyone with primary school children.  Older children would probably get bored although may have fun if with younger siblings.

There are loads of rides and the website and signage around the park clearly shows height restrictions and how many tickets are required.  On average it is 2 tickets per ride/per person.

There is also a huge free play area with loads of swings, slides and climbing apparatus.

We took a picnic but there are plenty of places to eat including the new Peacock Place with play area/sand pit attached.

My children loved the Childrens lake, Mr Wicksteed cars, Snakes & ladders astroslide, Sway rider, Wicksteed racers and all apart from my daughter loved the log flumes.  The waterchute is the oldest in the world dating back to 1926!

We had 4 adults and 4 children and had a brilliant day.  We stayed for 5 hours and could have stayed longer but had other plans. 

Wicksteed also has camping and new timber lodges.  Camping is from £15 per night.  I cannot comment on this but if you would like more information click on this link Stay with us

I can thoroughly recommend if you are in Northamptonshire.

Emma xxx

Extra information

Parking charges
                       Ride days    Non ride days    Winter
Up to 20 minsFree            Free                 Free
Up to 2 hrs£3             £2                  £1
2 – 3 hrs£4             £3                  £3
3hrs +£6             £4                  £3

Tel: (01536) 512475

Address: Barton Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6NJ

Monday, 31 July 2017

Africa Alive Review

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk we decided to visit Africa Alive.  As the name suggests the Zoo is mostly based on animals you would find in Africa.  All the enclosures look large and well maintained.  It is a much smaller zoo than I had anticipated and you could easily walk around the whole place at a leisurely pace in 2 hours.  I therefore think the price is slightly high.  If you pick up a leaflet available on most holiday sites they contain a discount code for a free child with 2 full paying adults.  The on the gate price for an adult is £21.95.  With the free child it does make it better value.

The Zoo has a roadtrain that takes you around the park and gives you more information on some of the animals and also has The Mighty Zulu Nation Troupe performing twice a day.  Sadly we missed most of the performance and couldn't wait until 3pm for the 2nd show but they looked and sounded amazing.

As well of the large African animals there is also farm corner and a small play area.

The Zoo opens at 9.30 each day but closing times vary depending on the time of year so check the website.  Parking is FREE.  As the Zoo is a charity they do ask for a small donation and gift aid.

Daily admissionStandard price
(Inc. donation)
Standard price
(Exc. donation)
Child (ages 3-15 years)£15.95£14.50
Senior citizens (aged from 65 years)£19.95£18.10
Registered disabled child / adult / carer£10.95£9.95

Overall I think the Zoo is nice but due to the size not great value for a family of four.  If you take a picnic and watch the show and go to the daily feeding talks you may be able to comfortably extend your stay.  It was lovely seeing the animals and it clearly is a very cared for environment.  I would recommend but I'd plan my visit differently to get the most out of it.

If you'd like to watch my YouTube video of our visit click on the link.

Life in the Mum's Lane Africa Alive vlog


Bewilderwood - Review

Last week we were holidaying in Norfolk and visited the lovely Bewilderwood.

Bewilderwood is a forest adventure park full of fairy houses, slides, swings and zip wires.

The park would suit most primary school age children.  Older children may still enjoy it with siblings as the zip wires and slippery slopes seemed to appeal to all ages.

The park is truly beautiful with so much attention to detail.  My son loved spotting the little houses & declared himself a twiggle. It is very easy to navigate the park and it is well signposted.

Highlights for us were the Skymaze, Slippery Slopes and the Swings.  My son also enjoyed some crafts in The Big Hat and we all enjoyed the little boat ride on the Scaaary Lake.

Unfortunately I had a leg injury so couldn't join in as much as I wanted but this means I can 100% confirm that the park is suitable for all.  I was worried about the uneven surfaces of a forest but it was fine with wide pathways.  It was a little hilly but perfectly manageable and I saw lots of buggies and a couple of wheelchairs and everyone was managing fine.

You can also listen to interactive storytelling which we didn't participate in but looked very engaging for the little ones.  My children as 6 and 10 and preferred all the running around and adventure.  There is also free face painting.

We ate in the park and for 5 of us it did work out expensive but you can take in picnics.  It was nice to see plenty of healthy options on the menu which was a very pleasant change from most family parks. 

I would highly recommend the park for an unusual, outdoors, back to nature family trip.  It's a shame we live so far away as I'd live to go back for The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade which runs 14th October to 29th October.

If you'd like to watch my YouTube video click on the link

Life in the Mum's Lane BeWILDerwood vlog

Here's all the park details if you are planning a trip -

The park is open 10am to 5.30pm.  Last admission 4pm.
It is not open in the winter.  loses 29th October.
Born to BeWILD (Under 92cm) Free
Almost WILD (92-105cm) £14.50
BeWILD Now (over 105cm)£16.50
Used to BeWILD (65 years+) £9.50 

The park address is Horning Road, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR12 8JW.
Telephone number 01692 633033
Website BeWILDerwood

Disclaimer: We received tickets for free in exchange for a review.  All thoughts are my own.


Monday, 10 July 2017


OK people one of my biggest pet peeves when driving is indicators or rather lack of them!

So many people seem to think they are an optional extra.  Maybe just for decoration.  THEY ARE NOT.

Image result for car indicators free image

How are we supposed to know where you are going?  I know we live in an age of technology but so far we do not have the ability to mind read or google map your journey for you.

Roundabouts are my biggest niggle with indicators.  Honestly it amazes me more accidents don't happen at one roundabout I use Monday to Friday.  You kind of have to guess or just sit aimlessly with people honking their horns in dismay. 

Indicators are for life people not just when you feel like it.

Your thoughts?

Emma xxx


I know its healthy.  I know its green.  I know they will have thighs to die for. I know its amazing exercise and they can probably eat Mars Bars for breakfast with the calories burned but my god cyclists on the road annoy me.

You spend an age overtaking them for you to then have to stop at a red light, them catch you up and then have to start the whole process again!  I know some cars overtake with ease but far too close.  I like to leave a respectable gap after all I am a law abiding driver but it annoys me greatly.

Image result for cyclist overtaking traffic free image

My other huge issue with cyclists is in the winter when they wear head to toe black!  How are you supposed to spot someone that is virtually invisible?  But I bet it would be your fault if there was an accident. 

My final grievance is the cyclists that just veer out in front out you with no indication they are going to change lane or swing out from a path.  I know I'm good but I am not a bloody mind reader!

So there we have it my enormously irrational annoyance of cyclists.

Your thoughts?

Emma xxx

Sunday, 25 June 2017

New crush!

I have a new crush. It's OK though its a celebrity I'll never meet & in reality would be doomed.  I actually don't fancy many celebs as a lot if them seem like knobs.

Joel  step forward.

I didn't know of his existence until I'm a celebrity get me out of here but by the end of the series really liked him.

Move forward several months & after seeing his stand up show I now love him.

He was hilarious, warm and bloody gorgeous!

In reality he's far too sculpted. See his Instagram for top of amazingness. He'd need to eat some pies or my mum tum would be a serious issue 😊

Who's your celeb crush?

Love Emma xxx

P.s since seeing his ACTUAL girlfriend my fantasy romance is over. She's too bloody perfect & I feel inferior even in my head! Stupid gorgeous slim, tall, perfect hair women.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Getting Married? No thanks.

Miss or Mrs?

Not married then?


Don't fancy being a wife?

No I do not!

From an early age I knew I didn't want to get married. I remember it being discussed at upper school and I was already set on being unmarried. The thought of being someone's wife never appealed. It felt like being someone's possession. I never understood why the woman's surname and title changed but the man's didn't.

On paper you can tell a woman has a husband.  You can't tell if a man has a wife. This never sat well with me.

I also don't really like the term wife.

Now I'm older I still have the same viewpoint but its not my main concern. I  have occasionally gone along with being Mrs Jones as it can be easier.

If you want to be married that's fine. If you don't that's also fine. Weddings are fun. Who doesn't like a party with their friends and family and drinking, eating and dancing?

BUT for me the BIG thing is I just don't understand what being married is for! What does it do? What's the point?

I've been with my partner 14 years. We have a house. We have 2 children. What difference would being married make?

I've heard some people say its because as a family they want the same name but a deed poll would sort that out.

Others have said its the commitment but how much more committed can you be than by having children together.

Stability but why are you more stable married than unmarried? It's easier to divorce than get a mortgage nowadays.

It really does puzzle me.  I'm not a marriage basher but its genuinely not for me. I'm very happy living in sin.

Rockley Park Haven Review

We have just returned from a lovely 4 day break at Rockley Park Poole.

We were lucky enough to have AMAZING weather and had the best time.

I can 100% recommend the site although if you have mobility issues it might be a problem as it is quite hilly.

The site has everything you would expect from a Haven site.  Swimming pools, arcade, play areas, Mash & Barrel, Live Lounge, crazy golf and trampolines (these are paid for activities).  Rockley Park also has its own beach access.  Sometimes these beaches can be a bit disappointing but Rockley Park was lovely.  Safe and clean with a harbour, café and play area.  You can participate in watersports and do a spot of crab fishing.

The swimming pool was a hit with the kids with a water slide and small splash park.  I always think they could be a tad bigger but it was perfectly adequate and in the warmer months the outside area will be open so everyone can spread out a little more.

Rockley Park has a lovely lay out and is one of the few sites where you do not need to access the arcade to get to other facilities.  It looks fresh and clean and I liked the beachy look of the main complex.

If you'd like to see some of the site and what we got up to you can watch my YouTube video below.

Youtube video of our break at Rockley Park

We had such a lovely time we are hoping to return next Easter.

Emma xx

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Polling day - School closures

Polling day school closures is a HUGE bugbear of mine.

My children's school closes for polling days which I think makes a mockery of the huge debate over parents removing children for term time holidays.

It appears when it is convenient for the school/council etc then your child's education is not important but if you deem it necessary to remove your child then you face the wrath of fines.  How about if I fined them?  My children's school was closed for 3 separate days last year.  5th May for police commissioners election, 23rd June for Brexit and 5th July for teachers union strike.

I had to use 3 days annual leave to cover these closures.  I know other parents had to pay for childcare.  I know work in a school and still cannot understand the decision and it is now more difficult for me childcare wise.

On the 4th May my school is closed AGAIN!!! This time for local elections.  I cannot have the day off as the school I work in is open.  Luckily my OH can have the day off although its not very convenient.

That will be 4 lost days in 12 months! How is that allowable?

I understand that voting needs to be made accessible to communities but why does my school have to be shut ALL the time.  We have a large church up the road with a community room.  Everyone knows where it is and it even has a car park.  Why isn't that used?

I feel so annoyed by the situation now that I am going to write to my local council.  The school say it is not in their control.

Does this effect you?  What are your thoughts?

Emma xxx

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Oh My Blog - Debbie from My Chaotically Electric Life

Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!

This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting Debbie from My Chaotically Eclectic Life.

1. Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!
My mum’s name is Pat, she’s just turned 70 and she’s retired.

2. What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?
When I was younger she had loads of things she used to say but the one that sticks in my mind was ‘You can’t kid them that have kidded thousands”
Her favourite now with my kids is something along the lines of ‘your mum never got away with it, so don’t think that you will!’

3. Someone’s playing your mum in a film. Who is it and why?
This is really difficult. I suppose I would probably have to say Judi Dench for no reason other than that they are similar in age.

4. She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?
Depends how much she won because after spending on her grandkids, and possibly me, she might not have that much left. She doesn’t really go anywhere as my dad is pretty much housebound. If I had to say it would probably be a book, or maybe a new laptop as her’s has been playing up a bit recently.

5. What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?
She doesn’t. It’s not from a lack of embarrassing stories though, maybe she just can’t decide. However she does seem to remember stories differently to me and to be honest I’m no longer sure who’s version is correct any more.

6. What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?
Not sure yet as we have to juggle seeing both my mum and my MIL as well as spending time with my own kids. I will probably take my mum and MIL somewhere for afternoon tea on the Saturday and then go out for the day on Mother’s Day with a meal included because I don’t intend to cook.

7. What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?
Criminal Minds, Rizzoli & Isles, Hawaii 5-0, NCIS:LA – generally most American crime dramas. To be honest as long as it’s not a repeat I think she’s happy.

8. What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?
I’m not sure my mum has really inspired me to anything, at least not that I’m aware of. She’s never been one to push me to do anything, but whatever I’ve decided she’s supported me unconditionally. She’s been there for advice and support at every stage.

I suppose, based on the above, she has inspired me to be a good parent and support my children with whatever they decide to do in life.

9. Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?
Depends which bar. If we’re at the local pub it will probably be half a lager. If we’re out for a
special occasion (which usually finds us at TGI Friday’s) it will be a cocktail. Her favourite is the frozen black Irish (FBI)

10. What’s the biggest difference between you and your mum?
We’re not all that different to be honest. That said she smokes and drinks coffee and I don’t do either.

11. Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?
I’m not sure she even knows what it is. I’m pretty sure she’s never read it and definitely hasn’t seen the film.

12. What’s your favourite memory of your mum?
It’s not really a favourite but it’s one that sticks in my mind as it made me seem like the sensible one, despite an evening of drinking. When my eldest was a baby, my mum had her overnight while I had a night out with my OH. We arrived home to find the house broken into. Cue lots of hysterics from me for a couple of minutes before I calmed down and phoned the police. The next call was to my mum who was ready to start putting her coat and shoes on ready to come down until I reminded her that she was looking after my daughter 😊

13. What do you think your mum was like as a kid?
Very much like me if what she says is anything to go by. Although she’ didn’t have children until 10 years after I did so probably spent a lot more time partying.

14. Cast your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?
I may have selected memory on this but I can’t remember my mum ever been really angry. Don’t get me wrong we had our fair share of arguments but all in all she was pretty reasonable. My dad on the other hand, well that’s an entirely different story.

15. Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?
You can make your own decisions, but you have to deal with the consequences. That’s not to say she wasn’t there for advice if it was needed but I had to go to her

If you enjoyed this post, you should hop over to Debbie’s blog and follow her on Twitter!

If you are interested in joining in Oh My Blog with the lovely Amy at The Mighty Duxburys click on the link below.

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Oh My Blog!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Motherhood is........part 3

Motherhood is.........

Having to always have a snack/drink to hand. Heaven forbid your children don't eat for an hour.

Making sure said snack/drink is healthy.

Well most of the time!

Always having to know where the nearest toilet is.

Always making sure everyone uses the toilet before any journey.

I mean ANY journey!

Thinking crafts will be fun & the spending days clearing up glitter & beads & cursing yourself.

Failing to remember the last time you saw a film over a PG rating.

Emma xxx

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Walking Dead - Obsession and Annoyances

I've become slightly obsessed with The Walking Dead recently. I know I know where have I been!!! I'm just finishing season 5.

If you haven't seen this far the below may contain spoilers.

In The Walking Dead it is about survival and in several episodes this seems to be at the expense of kindness, trust, decency and fairness AND sometimes if I'm honest a decent storyline.

It is kill or be killed.

I think in this situation I'd be a gonna. I'm too level headed and lack any physical trait that may help eg - martial arts, running, handling a gun, camping, the list is endless.

Whilst my obsession is raging there are a few things that have really bugged me about the show. Some are curiosities & some are true annoyances.

What do the women do about periods? Probably not the most important issue when you are potentially being bitten by a zombie but come on where are they finding sanitary towels & tampons???

Hair. The women should have pits you can plait and the men should all be sporting pony tails by now. I know a few times we've seen them groom but seriously do they all kill a zombie and then have a shave/trim.

Judith. How is this kid surviving? Where's the steriliser, bottles, formula, nappies and all manner of other baby paraphernalia. Maybe we've all been doing it wrong. A box/sling and acorns. Job done. Who needs to spend hundreds of £'s in boots.

Weapons. Seriously I know America is a gun haven but where do all the bullets & guns come from. Especially the bullets. There always seems to be a steady supply.

New characters. Love a new character but why do so many of them die so quickly. Dawn, Noah, Lily (Tara's sister), Milton, Lizzie, Mika. It also seems they sometimes have a huge storyline to introduce a character just to have an elaborate death scene. Noah is a prime example. Huge hospital storyline, he escapes, meets the group and soon after RIP.  I thought he had so much potential. Why kill him so soon?

Killing our favourites. Why do they kill some of our favourites? Dale went way too soon. Hershel 😭 Beth had just grown & developed. Tyreese needed more of a story than just Judith's babysitter & he still has a firm grasp on the basis of civilisation & could have been an amazing character.  One character I wouldn't mind them bumping of is Carol. I've never warmed to her & season 5 has put me off her even more.  I haven't seen it but its been all over social media so I'm already gutted about Glenn. No!!!!!!!! He was one of the few real good guys. Poor Maggie.

Rick Grimes. Sometimes I love him. Sometimes I think he is a fruitloop & sometimes an absolute selfish violent knobhead & the group should really start making their own decisions & basically ignoring him.

What do you think? What's bugged you about the series.

Emma x

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Fractured - Short Story


“For goodness sake! Why didn’t you call?” Melanie said sounding agitated,

“It was only a little fall. Nothing to worry about.” I replied trying not to let my irritation show,

“But mum you are in plaster. That’s hardly nothing is it?” I sighed looking at my daughter. She looked cross, harassed and worried. This was exactly why I hadn’t called her. I’d arranged a lift home and felt fine. Unfortunately a nurse had checked my next of kin details and called her without my knowledge. The nurse had probably thought she’d been doing the right thing.

I was home with my leg propped up and my daughter was busy in the kitchen. She had brought me a drink and some snacks on a tray. I could hear her banging about in the kitchen and the sound of something cooking on the hob. I’d tried to stop her. I was more than capable but she’d just told me to rest and I could see her mind was set. I knew Melanie worried and I loved her dearly but today her presence was making me feel like a burden. Since her dad, my beloved husband Jim had died three years ago she had called me like clockwork three times a week and we went for coffee most Saturday mornings. It’s like she thought I couldn’t cope alone. I missed Jim dearly but had surprised myself with a steely independence and had managed to build a strong support network of friends. Jim had been my rock and we had gone everywhere together but I’d coped better than I ever imagined. I still thought about him daily but it was always happy thoughts. I was just reminiscing about our last holiday together when Melanie interrupted my thoughts. “Earth to mum. Hey are you ok?”

“Sorry love was just thinking.”

“Oh. Are you ok?”

“Yes my love. Was thinking about your dad?” Melanie smiled continuing, “Do you remember when he broke his ankle falling over the cat? I’ve never heard him curse so much. I never think he forgave Charlie.”

“No that poor cat avoided him for weeks.” I laughed remembering the accident vividly. Melanie sighed seemingly lost in thought but then visibly shook herself off.

“I’ve made a quick shepherd’s pie. It’s just browning in the oven and the washing is on the line. So how exactly did you hurt yourself?” She settled herself on the sofa and her face relaxed,

“I was at the community centre for our ballroom dancing session…..”

“I thought ballroom dancing was supposed to be sedate.” Melanie said interrupting and laughing softly,

“Well it is but we were learning a new routine and I just lost my footing and fell awkwardly. Could have happened anywhere. It’s not a bad fracture. The doctors said it should heal well.”

“That’s good. When I got the call from the hospital I panicked. You really should have phoned.”

“Mel it was all under control. A friend took me down and stayed with me for a while and then Pam picked me up. I feel absolutely fine.”

“I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. I’ll pop and see you tomorrow.”

“There’s really no need love. Pam is going to come round for coffee and I can always ring Becky she’s only up the road.”

“Are you sure mum? It’ll be difficult on crutches living alone.”

“I’m fine love. You are busy. You don’t need to pop round.” After dishing up the shepherd’s pie and clearing the plates Melanie left and I relaxed. I needed to talk to her but now was not the time. I’d been dreading her spotting the holiday brochures under the coffee table. I wanted to tell her but was worried about her reaction. For the past 6 months I’d been seeing a lovely man called David. We had met at the community dances over a year ago and become firm friends. To start with it was purely companionship but had developed into something more. He had given me a new zest for life. It was partly his fault I fell today I remembered smiling. He’d convinced me to give Salsa dancing a go and I’d borrowed some higher heels for the afternoon. A mixture of speed, lack of experience and higher shoes lead to my downfall. It was a bit embarrassing but everyone was lovely and shared jokes about me being swept of my feet.  So far I’ve not discussed David with Melanie although I have mentioned him when discussing a collective group of friends. Pam thinks I’m being silly but I’m worried about how she’ll react.  She was so close to her dad.

Several weeks passed and I failed to talk to Melanie about David and our holiday plans. We’d settled on a cruise that left from Southampton and went around the Mediterranean. I’d always wanted to go on a cruise but Jim had hated boats. Two other couples were going to come. I was growing increasingly excited about it all but needed to discuss it was Mel before booking. 

One Friday Mel popped round to share a take away and watch a film when she unexpectedly mentioned going away. “I’ve been thinking mum. Do you fancy going to the Isle of Wight or maybe Spain? I could have a week off work and we could go away together.”

“Oh…I…Um….” I stammered.

“Don’t you like the idea? Obviously we’ll wait till your cast is off.”

“It’s not that love. It’s just I…Um…I might be going away already.”

“Really? With Pam? You didn’t mention it.” Mel said surprised,

“I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve meet a chap called David. We are planning to go away together. They’ll be six of us including Pam. It’s a cruise.” I blurted hurriedly feeling strangely nervous.

“You’re dating? How long?” Melanie said looking stunned,

“Um…about 6 months.” I said blushing,

“Mum! Why didn’t you tell me? That’s fantastic news. I’m delighted. Dad always said he didn’t want you to be alone. Where did you meet your fancy man then? Spill the beans. Did he have something to do with your fall?” she indicated my leg and grinned,

“Oh Mel I’m so glad you are pleased. I was worried about telling you. I met him a while ago through the community centre but it’s slowly developed. He’s a lovely man. We were at a salsa class when I fell.” I said smiling,

“What are you like?” Mel said laughing. She shook her head gently and sighed. “Mum I can’t believe you were worried about telling me. I’ve only ever wanted you to be happy. You’re too young to spend the rest of your life alone. I’d like to meet him though before you sail of into the sunset.”

We settled into a long conversation and I showed her some pictures. A week later following the removal of my cast we all got together and had a lovely evening meal. We poured over the brochure and I was delighted when Mel decided to join on us on the cruise with Pam’s daughter Kelly. I decided breaking my leg had been fate and said a silent thank you and began counting down the days till the now much anticipated cruise.