Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 1 - Christmas DIY Craft

It's 1st December!!! The countdown is on.  Today's post is for if you fancy doing some easy crafts with the kids this weekend.  You don't need much but can add the few bits you need to your shopping list.

If you fancy some crafts with the kids I have 2 really easy ideas.

I'm not a crafty mum at all but honestly these are painless and the kids will have fun.

Easy Christmas Paper Bag Stars.  All you need is paper bags, glue stick and scissors.  Easy Peasy. Click on the red link below for full details.

Paper Bag Stars

White Clay Dough Christmas Decorations.  All you need is cornflour, Bicarbonate of soda water and ribbon. Click on the red link below for full details.

White Clay Dough

Have fun & Merry 1st December.

My kids were both super excited with their advent calendars this morning & got dressed super early win win. We went for smiggles & match attack this year.

Emma xxx

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