Thursday, 15 October 2020

The crappy Christmas films guide

We all love Christmas films and watch the classics. Here's my list & brief review of crappy Christmas films. I haven't included the animated children films but love Arthur Christmas and I haven't included Love Actually as it's my ultimate favourite & no way crappy at all. I could actually watch it in the summer.

Christmas Eve with Patrick Stewart (2015)

Absolutely awful! Not Christmasy at all & quite boring. 6 different groups of New Yorkers stuck in elevators following a power cut.

Surviving Christmas with Ben Affleck (2005)

Good cast, Christmas lights, music but just didn't work for me. The plot is so unrealistic wealthy man pays random family for Christmas - so money can buy happiness? The last half hour was a bit better.

Christmas with the Coopers (2015) with Diane Keaton & John Goodman

I liked the idea, staging, music, modern feel but back story of the characters was weak so you don't really care. Also really disliked the narrator voice I don't think the tone/sentiment or something worked. Did have a tear at one point though so it wasn't too bad. P.s the decorations in the hospital are better than some houses!

Christmas Around the Corner (2018)

Features a bookshop called Fortenbury in Vermont, snow and decorations - heaven for a bookworm like me. Cheesily good.

Mrs Miracle (2009) with James Van Der Beek

Widowed dad of twin boys hires a nanny 'Mrs Miracle' who fixes everything naturally. Cute cheesy Christmas film although showing it's age.

Nativity 1, 2 and 3 (2009, 2012 and 2014)

Paul, a primary school teacher, is asked to produce the year's nativity play helped by Mr Poppy.  I'm sorry I know some people love these but my god the plot, acting and OTTness just makes my toes curl & I like Christmas films.

A Christmas to Remember (2016)

TV chef Jennifer crashes & wakes with amnesia in snowy Colorado. Obviously a kindly widower takes her in & they transform each others lives. Classic cheesy American goodness.

Christmas in Evergreen - Tidings of Joy (2019)

Evergreen the most Christmasy town around is searching for it's rumoured time capsule and a skeptical writer has come to town for a break and to get the story on the town's Christmas cheer. I actually loved this & want to visit! They always seem to be Vermont & Colorado. Do they really look like this at Christmas or will I be bitterly disappointed?

A Heavenly Christmas with Kirstin Davis (2016)

Eve Morgan a workaholic has an untimely death & is recruited to heaven. Guardian angel Pearl shows her the ropes and Eve is  assigned the case of Max. Watched this a while ago & remember the coffee shop scenes but can't remember how it ends. Will have to rewatch this year.

Miss Christmas (2017)

The tree finder for Chicago's famous Radcliffe Tree needs to find the perfect tree in 10 days. A letter from a boy promising his tree is perfect sends her to a small town but his dad is less than happy. Cutesy, Christmas loveliness. Who wouldn't want a job looking for the perfect Christmas tree in Christmas card perfect towns?

The Holiday (2006)

Two women from the UK/US swap homes for the holidays to get away from their relationship issues. However, their lives change when they meet and fall in love with two local guys. Full star cast. I haven't actually watched this for years & can't really remember it.

The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries who is a talented photographer stuck in a crap job receives a magical advent calendar that predicts the future.

Deck The Halls (2006)

I love this & watch it every year although it always seem to be on bad lists. A feud between Matthew Broderick and; new neighbour, Danny DeVito over Christmas lights.

The Christmas Chronicles (2019)

Kurt Russell plays an uber modern Santa & ends up on an adventure with Kate & Teddy Pierce on Christmas eve. A Netflix original that is getting a sequel. Yay!



Right after much deliberation I've decided to call time on Life in the NN Lane. 

I first started the blog as a creative outlet as I worked with data in an office. I no longer do that job and now work more hours.

Since my blog began more & more people are doing the same/similar things & I don't really feel like my ideas/posts/pictures etc are needed anymore.

Things never grew as I'd hoped and I no longer have the time or desire to move it forward.

I know coronavirus has exasperated this as I don't really feel I have much to say anymore. I'm feeling quite negative about coronavirus now & the limitations this is putting on our lifestyles. The rules no longer make sense to me. I work in a room with 28 people but can't have more than 2 people in my house as we are a family of 4! I don't want to pass this frustration or worry or negativity on so I'm constantly censoring myself. I actually wrote a poem back in April I never shared & it still rings true (I have been debating this decision for a while).

I feel I have nothing to say.

No contribution to make.

I have no words of comfort.

I do not wish to share my worries.

So many questions.

So few answers.

My voice is getting quieter each day.

The world is of it's centre.

We are drifting in the sea.

We watch.

We wait.

We sit.

We listen.

We stay.

I'm not sure there's anything to say.

I've also disliked social media more since coronavirus began & as a blogger I need this for information and sharing my posts so a but of an awkward catch 22. I hate twitter, can take or leave Facebook & love Instagram but would prefer to have it private.

I'm obviously no longer visiting as many places due to covid and as my children are getting older park trips are decreasing.

However, I'm immensely proud of my park guide & the blog will remain for a while. I've already deleted Twitter and Pinterest and the rest will follow.

As a parting gesture I would love it if you could all sign the lido petition. Tell your friends, kids football team, brownies, scouts, school mums etc and sign & share some more. I really do believe it would be a positive for the town. The petition will remain as it's in my real name & not the blog. This is something I'd love to happen at some point in the future blog or no blog.

P.s remember to sign the petition!!!

P.p.s take care, stay safe and see you when my outdoor pool is unveiled (sign the petition) xxx

P.p.p.s - Writing this my laptop was running slow & the keypad stopped working which is another sign it's time to quit.

P.p.p.p.s - I didn't want to leave on a completely low note so there is a crappy Christmas films guide to read.  I LOVE Christmas films and sometimes the more twee and cheesy the better.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Where to take children indoors during covid in Northamptonshire

In this strange new world it is a little confusing about what is and isn't open.  The rules, capacity, booking etc so I've done some research and put together this guide.  So where can you take the children indoors during covid in Northamptonshire? Read on to find out.

Boost Trampoline - Riverside

Open with reduced capacity & timetable but mini explorers & the after school club (4 to 6pm) slots are still there. 

Riverside Hub - Riverside

Open with reduced capacity only 1/3 allowed.  The sensory rooms remain closed. You must book a timed slot online to visit. Temperature check upon arrival if over 37.8 you cannot enter & can get a refund or arrange another date. They have installed 8 new hand washing stations. At night the building is sanitised with antibacterial fogging equipment.

Berzerk - Moulton Park

Reopened 2nd October. Phased opening currently Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 3 play sessions of 2 1/2 hours each.  9am to 11.30am, 12pm to 2.30pm and 3 to 5.30pm.  Cleaning in-between each session.  Cashless site.  You can just turn up.

Gravity Active Entertainment - Sol Central

Open with reduce capacity. All visitors to wear a face mask except when on the activities, eating, drinking. 

Caddy Shack - Sol Central

Whilst this may look more like a bar it does state it is family friendly.  It is open so why not try the 9 or 18 hole course?

Vue Cinema - Sol Central

Open but does seem to be offering reduced opening times.  The super saver deal is still in place £4.99 per person plus booking fee. Not much new out at the moment but take a look & see an old favourite.

Flip Out - Rushden Lakes

Open with reduced capacity. Only 1 spectator per household.  Temperature checks for all guests.

360 Play - Rushden Lakes

Open you must book online.  Temperature checks and reduced capacity.  Outdoor areas will remain open through autumn/winter to allow maximum fresh air & choice so the centre maybe cooler than normal (bring a jumper).  

Paradise Island Adventure Golf - Rushden Lakes

Open with reduced capacity & face masks to be worn. 

Rock up - Rushden Lakes

Open with reduced capacity and face masks to be worn. 


Open but you must pre book. 4 session times of 2 hours with 15 minute cleaning slot in-between.  9am, 11.15, 1.30pm, 3.45pm.  

Laser Zone

Re-opened 26th September.  10am to 6pm pre book only.  7 time slot available with 15 minute cleaning slot in between. 

Mini Meadows Farm 

Open and must pre book your ticket.  10am or 2pm time slots which are 2 1/2 hours long.  Reduced capacity and indoor play area will remain closed.  Face mask to be worn in all buildings but can be removed outside.  

West Lodge Farm

Open and must pre book your ticket.  Masks must be worn when entering the shop, adventure barn and restaurant.  All areas of the farm are now open.  

Rookery Farm

Closed. They have decided to remain closed until March 2021.

Danes Camp, Lings Forum and Mounts Baths

These have all reopened.  General swim, 14+ swim and family friendly swims on offer. You must arrive wearing your swimming costume. Showers not currently available at Mounts.  Sessions must be booked in advance.  Sessions are 45 minutes at Danes Camp and 1 hour at Lings

Forum Cinema - Weston Favell

Open with reduced capacity.  Face masks to be worn.  Vending machines available for card only.  Must pre book tickets.  Non members call 01604 838 333 members can book online.  

Cineworld Sixfields & Rushden Lakes

Currently open and offering some films at £4 per person.  Will be closing soon.

Tigers Indoor Play - Daventry

Still closed.

Kids Play - Kettering

Still closed.

Cheeky Monkees - Corby

Open with reduced capacity 1/3 normal guests.  Must book time slot.  Temperature check on arrival if over 37.8 cannot enter & can get a refund or change date.  Face masks to be worn.  2 hour sessions and arrive 5 minutes before.

Gravity - Corby


Towcester Leisure Centre

The swimming pool is still closed due to refurbishment but the pool at Brackley reopened in the 1st September.

Splash Leisure Pool  - Rushden 

Swimming is open and lessons are on.  Have your costume on & arrive 5 minutes before your session.  Pre book.  

**Whilst you are here remember you can sign the Northampton lido petition #northamptonlidopetition **