Monday, 19 May 2014

Oldies but Goodies I found whilst trying to reduce my book collection.

I've recently been trying to reduce my paperback collection and must admit I struggled. I have managed to part with about 25 but the rest got re boxed.

Whilst sorting them out I did find some brilliant books I'd forgotten about and some when time allows I want to re-read.

I have loads of Emily Barr, Marian  Keyes, Jodi Picolt and Lisa Jewell (more than I realised) which I'm sure loads of you have read and enjoyed.

I also found 2 books I LOVE and are nothing like those mentioned above.

Is Harry on the boat? by Colin Butts and E. by Matt Beaumont, I've had both for many years and have read them both twice or maybe even three times over the years.

Is Harry on the boat? Is rude, crude and bloody funny. It follows a 18-30 style holiday company during a season in Ibiza.  There's drugs, drink, sex and embezzlement.  I loved the characters they have very likable qualities except for Alison & Mario.  It transports you to sunshine & makes you completely forget the day job & makes me glad I'm too old to go on an 18-30 trip.  I seriously couldn't handle it anymore ha ha!!  A brilliant summer read.

E. Is set in an advertising agency and is entirely made up of e-mail conversations.  This book is also really funny. Some of the e-mail conversations made me laugh out loud especially the humour of Nigel Godley and Pertti Vanhelden.  There are rivalries, bitching, sackings, and IT issues.  Be prepared for lots of swearing and humour. It is quite blokey but I loved it.

What books have you got in your collection you'd forgot about or are too good to part with?

Emma x