Monday, 4 August 2014

Point Horror Club - Part 2

The Snowman R L Stine

The Snowman (Point Horror, #21)

Heather feels cold all the time. Alone. Her guardian hates her. He'd like to see her dead. He'd like all her money. But for now he settles for controlling it, and making Heather's life miserable.

Poor little rich girl, just like Cinderella...

Then the gorgeous, ice-blond guy shows up at the crummy restaurant where Heather works after school. He understands about Heather. He's her Prince Charming. No one can get to Heather now.

Heather feels so safe. So loved. So warm...

Heather lives with her aunt & uncle and hates her uncle with a passion.  The very first chapter starts with her fantasising about his death.  At her diner job (how American is that?!?) she meets the mysterious Snowman & things change. She splits up with her boyfriend Ben & spends more time with the supportive and exciting Snowman.  However he soon asks her for money & the £2000 cheque she gives him comes back to haunt her. One day Heather's uncle dies and you find out the Snowman did it & starts blackmailing her. I found this twist slightly odd and the FBI bit even more so.  A 50/50 book for me and not one I remember from my teenage years.  Still a good quick read. I won't reveal the final twist.

Do you remember this one? What did you think?

The Yearbook Peter Lerangis

The Yearbook

Pity, pity Laura Chase
Pretty hair and pretty face
Isn't it a sorry fate
She won't live to graduate?

Somebody has a morbid sense of humour at Wetherby High School. The yearbook has been sabotaged and nasty poems have appeared next to some students' photographs.

David Kallas thinks it's just a sick joke - until his friends start disappearing one by one. And when he finds a dead body, he realises that something far more sinister is going on ...

This starts with Davis Kallas agreeing to help the lovely Ariana with the yearbook so he can get closer to her & she might actually notice him.  However students start to die and it is connected to the yearbook and the two try to work out what's going on.

I found this book too weird and its the first Point Horror book I actually didn't like at all.  The weird squid monster, calcium requirements, odd number system to work out which kids are taken/killed it was all a little odd. The whole squid monster thing didn’t work for me. I’m more into ghosts, stalkers, vampires etc. The end was also rubbish to me why didn’t they just pour loads of coke on? It did seem a bit ahead of its time which was good but felt very different to other Point Horror books.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

I think I might read The Waitress next.

Emma xxx

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