Monday, 23 March 2015

Ebook promotion sites - feedback & links

I have seen numerous blog posts about ebook promos paid & unpaid. 

Bookbub and Freebooksy seem to be the front runners but are expensive. I decided to look for cheaper alternatives and see what happens.  I found loads of sites, anything over $10 I discounted as I am on a very tight budget.  I found numerous sites go on US reviews not UK which I think puts UK self published authors at a disadvantage.

I advertised The Awakening on kindle countdown for £0.99/$0.99 and Origins (novella) FREE.  I was hoping it might lead to purchases of The Reckoning and boost my ratings.

The promo was 26th Feb to 2nd March.

Here is some info on those I looked into -

Awesome gang $10
Submit to Awesome Gang

Ebooksoda $10 27th Feb
Submit to Ebooksoda

Choosy bookworm $8 26th Feb
Submit to Choosy Bookworm

Readcheaply free 26th Feb
Submit to Read Cheaply

Ereader news today - couldn't use as not enough US reviews which is a same as have a good reputation

I love vampire novels - couldn't use as not enough US reviews & too expensive as I was a on tight budget. Promos are $49 daily download, $59 free read of the day, $77 featured read.

Pixel of ink - not taking submissions at present which is a shame as have a good repuation

Daily cheap reads - need 5 US reviews & I only had 4! Boo!

Booksends (was bookblast) - not enough US reviews

Frugal Freebies - Free books - Free to submit
Submit to Frugal Freebies

Read Freely - Free books - Free to submit
Submit to Read Freely

Book loves heaven - Could not use as need 10 US reviews

Daily-Free ebooks - Free books - Free to submit
Submit to Daily-free ebooks

To be honest I was a little disappointed but glad I tried it and one positive is that I now have a US review for Origins.

I sold 13 copies of The Awakening, 28 Free Origins, 2 borrows.

Its now 23rd March and no copies of The Reckoning have been purchased.

Income $5.94 and £2.20
Spent $28

I really liked Ebooksoda, Awesome Gang and Choosy bookworms websites and their communication was good but think they are just accepting too many books so you do not stand out.

I will definitely try the free to submit sites again for a new promo very soon.

I think unfortunately it is a case of what you pay for but I just can't afford Bookbub & Freebooksy's fees and to be honest I hate the idea of paying to advertise my book for free. Its also a big gamble as it does not guarantee you will increase sales of other books in your collection.

Has anyone tried BookBub or Freebooksy?

What did you think?

Was it worth the money?

Hope this info helps some of you out there.


Emma x


  1. I've used BookBub twice - once last year for a worldwide promotion, and my book went to #1 for two days - and I'm using again them next month for a UK-only promotion. I'd look into a UK-only promotion as it only cost me a tenner - much more affordable than the worldwide option! (Though I'd recommend the worldwide option based on the experience I had.)

  2. I wonder if, for free promotions, you'd be better off building up Twitter, then it wouldn't cost you anything. If you use Twitter more effectively you should be able to get at least 500 free downloads of a book, probably more. To get reviews, it's easier to submit to book blogs than hope that some readers will review, because most of them don't!

  3. Thanks for the replies. I always worry with twitter people will get annoyed with the book links & download me tweets. Doing a new promo test 26th March to 30th March. I'll see what happens. Elle do bookbub do UK only promos? I hadn't noticed this on there website. Sounds good value if only £10. They do have a fab reputation :)

    1. Yes, you can pick world-wide (well, they class it as US), UK-only or Canada-only. It was $15 for my listing for UK-only, so about £11.50. I'll let you know how that promotion fares next month!

  4. Thanks brilliant Elle thanks for the tip & will be interested in your results.