Friday, 24 July 2015

Goodbye self publishing

My recent promo was disappointing 93 free Origins downloaded and 0 The Reckoning & as a result I've made a decision.

Its enormously frustrating as I know The Reckoning is by far the best book of the 3 and the one I'm most proud of.

The feedback has been good but sales tiny and even a promotion didn't boost them.

I've decided therefore to cease promotion, book interaction, trying to get featured on ebook promo sites paid or free and guest posts on any blog sites. So its goodbye to self publishing & bookish things.

My books will still be available as to press the unpublish button feels a little too final/brutal.

I will no longer check kdp figures, reviews or issue buy my book tweets.

To be honest self publishing is hard work & the limited satisfaction has worn of. I've made no income & unfortunately think my target market is not there for e-book only. My book is aimed at teens/young adults many of whom probably don't own an ereader.

I've noticed over the months chick lit does better on ebook & digital publishers like Carina favour these types of books.

I think I've struggled to make a dent in a saturated market & with no contacts have found publicity impossible. Although it feels a little defeatist it is realistic. I'm going to reduce the prices to a permanent £0.99 and just let them do their own thing. (The Reckoning will be reduced in 2 weeks due to KDP pricing rules).

I would like to thank anyone who has helped over the years & all you lovely people who downloaded my books & took the time to leave a review. Any feedback has been enormously appreciated.

I'll still be around & will blog/tweet but it won't be book related & will be just family life, celeb stalking and TV related joy. Great British Bake Off is back soon woo hoo!!!

I've quite enjoyed the blogging side & its a way to express bite sized writing so I'll still dabble from time to time. I've noticed my family related/humorous posts do better and are more satisfying.

Hope you all have an amazing summer & see you around. Thank you again to anyone who has supported me & if you do happen to stumble across one of my books in the future maybe give it a try.