Wednesday, 19 August 2015

School holidays - too long? too short? move them about?

Unless you are an alien you will have noticed its the summer holidays.

I have 2 children & am lucky enough to work term time so do not have the stress of childcare BUT we are now in the 4th week & occupying the children is getting difficult.

My 8 year old can entertain herself but the 5 year old needs constant sources of fun and activity.

As any parent will know fun and activity can cost a lot of money.  We are lucky to have loads of amazing parks & play areas nearby which are cheap/free but for me these are starting to get tedious.

I honestly believe the summer break is too long. For most schools it is 6 1/2 to 7 weeks long dependent on teaching training days (inset days).  I think 5 weeks would be perfectly sufficient or maybe even 4!

Before having children I thought god they are never at school but now realise they do need the breaks. Towards the end of term I always notice a dip in their behaviour be it tiredness, lack of interest or irritability.  However the summer break is excessive in my opinion.

As an alternative I think the October & May half terms should be 2 weeks instead of 1 and summer holiday chopped.

October you could make the most of the last few nice days before winter sets in & all the excitement of Christmas. May/ June has recently been brilliant weather and sometimes nicer than August and would be a good break before the final last push of the academic term.

I also think teacher training days should be in the school holidays not an additional closed day. I appreciate teachers need a chance to get together in a pupil free zone and consolidate learning but in comparison to other professions they get a lot of annual leave & I feel the teacher training days should not inconvenience parents & pupils.

I find teacher training days can be disruptive and cause childcare issues as are odd days.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the summer break is too long?

Do teacher training days bother you?

How have you coped with the long break?

Emma xxx


  1. WAAAAY too long. I have a teen and although we broke up the 7 week stretch with a couple of longer activities (family holiday, drama camp, martial arts lessons), it has just been way too long. She's adopted horrible habits - staying up all night, sleeping all day, eating at bizarre times. She's surly and resentful. The weather isn't helping, but that's the British summer for you. You can't count on the weather to entertain them. I really think a month would be enough, with longer breaks during term time.

  2. Thanks for commenting. My children are 5 & 8 so I have the teenage years to look forward to ;) I def think 2 weeks should be shaved off the summer break & distributed elsewhere.