Saturday, 9 January 2016

Life before & after kids

Life before & after kids
Without children : I've run out of milk. I'll just pop to the shop. Buy milk 
With children: I've run out of milk. Deep sigh. Right kids get your shoes on. Where's your coat? 10 minutes later leave the house. End up buying milk, kids magazines with brightly coloured plastic crap on the front and a kinder egg also full of plastic crap!

Without children : Have a doctors appointment. Bit of a nuisance getting appointment to fit in with work. Get there chill out with magazine before seeing doctor & getting health issue resolved.

With children : Have a doctors appointment. Have to schedule it around work & school pick ups. Have to take kids. Very deep sigh. Spend 20 fraught minutes in the waiting room constantly saying shh & dishing out snacks. Discuss health issues in code whilst entertaining/distracting children.

Without children : Get ready for a night out. Have shower/ bath at leisurely pace. Apply make up carefully. Select outfit. Maybe have a glass of wine.

With children : Get ready for a night out. Skip shower you'll be fine you had one this morning. Spend 5 minutes applying make up whilst children try to steal your lipstick & mascara. Throw on your one trusty outfit that hides a multitude of sins & looks vaguely trendy.

Without children : Ah Sunday morning lie in.
Doze. Read. Relax.

With children : Ah Sunday morning lie in. Oh wait I forgot they don't exist anymore. 6.30am rudely woken. 7.30am if you're lucky. Oh well at least we haven't got to rush anywhere.

Good job we love our kids :)

Emma xxx


  1. This is all true haha and there are many more! It's mad how much life changes when we become parents

  2. I know it's ridiculous isn't it. The one that gets me is if you just need one or two things from the shop & it becomes a major mission :) thanks for commenting Bethan.

  3. Very true! I do miss the days of just lazing on the sofa on a Sunday sometimes! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. I love this all completely true thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  5. Thanks Emily & Nigel. Good job we love our kids ha ha!

  6. Doctors appointments with three kids in tow are my worst nightmare!!!!

  7. I hate taking the kids to doctors appointments. Always try to go Fridays now when they are both at school & I kave a day off work :) x