Friday, 11 March 2016

Baby Bore

Back when I was first pregnant blogging wasn't really a popular thing & Twitter was in its infancy.  However I've always loved writing and drafted mini posts as an outlet which never saw the light of day as I had no forum.  I've decided to dust some of them off and share.
These posts are from my early motherhood days and I hope they might help, humour or connect with some mums out there.

Baby Bore
originally wrote September 2007
When your new baby is born you are filled with feelings of love, worry and extreme tiredness.  You spend the first two weeks wrapped up in trying to look after your new bundle of joy the best you can and learning to recognise the hungry, tired, or poorly cries.  You are besieged by visitors all wishing you a long and happy life and then your partner returns to work, the visitors stop coming and you are left by yourself. 

You suddenly feel a little bit lonely and worried you are doing everything right.  People sympathise with these feelings but what people don’t discuss is that sometimes you can actually also feel rather bored.  Looking after a small baby can get quite monotonous the chores become the same, bath, change, feed, wind, make bottles, try and get your little one to sleep, fill the washing machine for the third time and finally wash and make some more bottles.

A lot of mothers say they love nothing more than watching their new baby but to be perfectly honest I don’t know how they find the time.  When my little one was sleeping I was either manically doing housework or trying to sleep myself.  I really did not have the inclination to watch my baby for hours on end and they really don’t do much in the first few weeks.  People seem to think you are less maternal or perhaps just slightly strange if you do not find every single thing your new baby does enormously interesting but sleeping, eating, burping and farting are not interesting after the 100th time.  Some babies do not do much and there’s nothing wrong with more mothers admitting that your new baby is the most gorgeous thing in the world but slightly dull.

I actually found the change from full time work with adults and adult conversation to full time mother with only a small baby to talk to quite strange and it took a little while to adjust.  It made me wonder if I’d made the right decision in extending my maternity leave to a whole year.  However when my daughter reached 4ish months she started to interact more and we started solid foods (I know the rules have changed but my health visitor said it would be fine as Lily was a big baby) she also started taking more interest in her toys and would actually stay on her play mat quite happily for half hour or more.  Everything seemed to slot into place and I realised how happy and lucky I was to have a year of work. 

My daughter is now nearly 8 months old and seems to be changing daily.  She babbles away and can sit up for 25 minutes before finally toppling over.  She’s also finally learnt to roll over something I thought she just would never do as she hated being on her tummy and she loves her food.  I can now say that motherhood is no longer boring but know that even if baby number 2 came along I would still find those first few months exhausting, full of visitors and love and then perhaps a tad boring.  I would just like to say its ok to feel like this and all mothers and babies are different and it doesn’t make you any worse than the mum round the corner who loves nothing more than watching her new born sleep, lie, eat and burp for the 100th time.



  1. That's a really good post for anyone in this situation!

    1. Thanks Terry. Really appreciate your comment :)

  2. I felt this way during the early months of parenthood.
    My son is 2.5 now and he's very active. Wait until she masters walking. You will find things will be a bit less predictable.
    In fact, appreciate these slower times. Around 2, you'll be wishing you had more time and predictability so that you can get some work done :P