Friday, 2 October 2015

The School Run!!! Argh!

Any mum with children at primary school will know the horror that is the school run.

Leaving the house on time is a small achievement each day.

Remembering book bags, lunch boxes, coats, school letters, PE kits and homework is another small victory.

I only have to travel 1 mile in the car. Its a bit too far for the kids to walk & I drive to work directly afterwards.

This journey per Google maps takes 4 minutes.  On a good day in rush hour it takes 10 & on a bad day 20!!!

The other day it took 9 minutes to get out of my road.

Even the calmest person develops some level of road rage.

Parking is the next issue. I am notoriously bad at parallel parking & will avoid at all costs. (I know I'm an idiot - I would never pass my test again.) On the bad days we end up so far from the school I wonder if we should have just walked.

The reverse journey is usually quicker but stress levels increase due to the amount of people (mostly adults) who just wander in front of your car whilst you are MOVING!!!

Oh well its Friday & only 3 weeks until a weeks respite for half term before it all starts again with the added joy of winter & having to remember to add a further 5 minutes on to de-ice the car & horror or horrors the possibility of snow!!!

Emma xxx

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