Sunday, 22 November 2015

Poem - Motherhood

Today I'm feeling blue,
The kids are full of beans & chatter,
And I just want a peaceful day,
The thought of the park again makes me shudder.

Am I being selfish?
I just want some time.
I know I'm being snappy,
But I've run out of smiles.

I love my children dearly,
But would like a little rest, 
Is it OK to say that?
Why do I feel I've failed?

Kids are for life,
Everyday is full,
Some days are full of laughs,
Others boredom & tears.

Even on a bad day,
I know things will improve,
Happiness is on the horizon,
A kiss, a hug, a smile.

I feel better sharing,
I hope you understand,
Motherhood is hard sometimes,
But we'll all muddle through.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dummy Dilemma

Back when I was first pregnant blogging wasn't really a popular thing & Twitter was in its infancy.  However I've always loved writing a drafted mini posts as an outlet which never saw the light of day as I had no forum.  I've decided to dust some of them off and share.
These posts are from my early motherhood days and I hope they might help, humour or connect with some mums out there.

Dummy Dilemma
Originally from September 2007
I recently came across an article regarding the use of dummies in babies and found that some people are extremely loathing of them and very judgemental.  The article was supposed to give an opinion for and against the use of dummies but I didn’t find either opinion particularly supportive of dummies and the views given seemed extremely harsh.  The mum supporting there use seemed embarrassed that she had to resort to a dummy to soothe her child and the mum against was very scathing of mothers using a dummy suggesting they were just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to find out the cause of their baby crying.

When I was pregnant it wasn’t something I’d actually considered but in hospital a member of staff suggested using a dummy as they said my daughter was a very ‘sucky’ baby and it would help soothe her.  I’d been in labour for 2 ½ days and had been told in the first 48 hours most babies tend to sleep a lot but Lily-Anna wasn’t sleepy at all and I was exhausted and really didn’t care if she used a dummy or not.  It worked wonders it helped her sleep and for longer periods of time.

My daughter is now 7 ½ months old and uses her dummy less and less.  In the day she uses it mainly when she is tired, unwell or unsettled by new people or environments.  I think if it helps soothe her it is definitely not a bad thing.  The against mother in the article suggested all parents just plug their children in at the first whimper and this is not true at all.  Both mothers suggested dummies are filthy horrible plugs but I don’t think either mother had looked at some of the benefits.

1. Dummies can help soothe babies as they have a natural sucking reflex

2. Can give a feeling of security in new places
3.     A baby using a dummy is less likely to suck their thumb, which is actually worse for their teeth and obviously cannot be removed!!
4.     A dummy can help babies with colic
5.     Can help premature babies go from being tube feed to bottle feed easier and therefore reduce the time they need to spend in hospital
6.     Research shows a baby who had a dummy is less likely to smoke as an adult
7.     And most importantly it has been proven to reduce cot deaths.  This is thought to be most likely as it helps keep airways open and prevents the mouth and nose being covered.

I know there are also disadvantages with regards to teeth, speech and dirt but these are widely publicised and are only a problem if babies/children use dummies for prolonged periods of time.  Experts even disagree on the damage to teeth with some experts saying that until the adult teeth develop no damage is caused at all and all experts say its better to suck a dummy than thumb.  It’s also been documented that the dirt attracted to the dummies from falling on the floor can help a baby’s immune system.  Obviously its not advisable to smear dirt, dust etc all over your babies dummy but sometimes our need to clean and sterilise everything it actually doing more harm than good.

I think used in moderation dummies are a benefit and I wanted to get the positive view across so new/expectant mothers have both sides of the story and can decide themselves without being judged by some people.

What do you think?

Emma xxx 


Monday, 9 November 2015

Working Mum's Diary

Back when I was first pregnant blogging wasn't really a popular thing & Twitter was in its infancy.  However I've always loved writing a drafted mini posts as an outlet which never saw the light of day as I had no forum.  I've decided to dust some of them off and share. 

These posts are from my early motherhood days and I hope they might help, humour or connect with some mums out there.

Working Mum’s Diary
originally from February 2008

By Emma Jones 

1st January – Last day off!!! I can’t believe it back to work tomorrow I feel ridiculously nervous, its silly really I know everyone there and my job hasn’t really changed but am starting to wish I didn’t need to go back.  Its only 3 days a week though so even if its horrible it will soon be the weekend again.  I’m obviously worried about Lily too will she be ok at nursery 8.30 to 5.30 is long day for her. Argh!!! 
2nd January – 1st day back felt awful this morning really bad stomach so couldn’t finish my breakfast.  Stuart came with us this morning, which I’m very grateful for as I burst into tears at the nursery so he had to shoo me out the door.  Cried most of the way to work with Stuart saying its ok over and over again.  I think its different for men he’s used to leaving her at home with me and going to work whereas I’m more worried as it’s the longest she’s every been with people she doesn’t know.  Work actually wasn’t that bad at all and it was nice to see everybody.  I called the nursery twice to check Lily was ok but just felt like I was being a bit of pain rather than reassured.  The nursery staff said it wasn’t a problem and I could ring every couple of hours if I wanted but I still felt a bit awkward.  I mean at the end of the day they are strangers and I’ve already cried in front of them.  At home time they said she’d had a good day but bless her she was exhausted and was in bed by 6.30pm.  Also I’m feeling pretty ropey so perhaps not just nerves after all. 
3rd January – Got to work and nursery ok Lily cried when I left her so I felt awful but was determined not to cy.  Work ok but as the day wore on I felt more and more ill.  Got though the day and only called the nursery once.  In the evening Lily was in bed by 6.30 again and me not long behind her wrapped up by 7.30.  Luckily don’t work Fridays so won’t have to struggle into work. 
8th to 10th January – Lily cries when I leave her every morning and its horrible walking out of the room.  Work still going ok and feel much better this week.  It’s quite nice to use your brain and have some adult conversation.  I’m amazed how much I can remember thought I’d be having to ask a million questions so that helps.  Lily been eating better this week but still not sleeping very well at nursery so comes home knackered but then so am I at the moment so its quite nice as get her ready for bed and then can relax for a little while.  Think 3 full days is a good balance anymore and I think I’d find it hard to balance work, Lily and the housework.  Its not too bad though as I take her in the mornings and Stuart picks her up most days.
15th – 17th January – Lily still cried every morning but the staff said it’s only for about 5 minutes and then she’s fine.  Lily got her first party invitation this week too its so sweet she’s making proper little friends.  She’s been eating really well at nursery this week but still not sleeping they said she’ll go to sleep but the slightest noise and she’s up I think she’s too nosey bless her.  She’s also got terrible nappy rash this week so a trip to the doctors Friday. 
20th January – Lily’s first birthday.  Hectic and lovely had loads of people popping in all day and did some nibbles and drink.  Glad not at work Mondays as could do with the rest now. ;0) 
22nd – 24th January – Lily is really teething so feel a bit bad leaving her a nursery but the staff are brilliant and she’s been having calpol.  They said she’s really settling in and will just shuffle off and find a toy to play with and is showing more interest in the other babies.  Had a bumped head this week so had to sign the accident back.  Thursday night when we’d all got home from nursery she pulled herself up against the stair gate for the first time.  I think nursery is actually helping her development. 
27th January – Lily awake and went in her room and she was standing in her cot.  She’s growing up.  Had to get Stuart to lower the base as worried she’d topple over now. 
29th – 31st January – January over we’ve done it managed 5 weeks.  January really is a long month.  We have both settled in I think.  Lily got a very sore bum again so anther drip to the doctors for an antibiotic cream.  I think I’ve figured it out though.  She has weetabix for breakfast sometimes at nursery and I think its upsets her little bum, will need to mention it to them.  She’s still crying in the mornings but its only when she realises I’m going and they said its literally just for a few minutes now. 
5th – 8th February – Lily did a sponge painting today (Tuesday) bless her, its very neat so think the staff did more than Lily.  It’s on the notice board in the kitchen.  Wednesday she came home with a temperature and very drowsy another little girl went home ill today, the staff said it only came on late afternoon.  Thursday she seemed a bit brighter so took her in with calpol.  I spent the whole day worried the nursery would call and I’d have to leave work.  Picked her up about 5 and poor little thing all hot and bothered they said she’d been ok till about 2.  At least we’ve made it through the week and she can be ill tomorrow and won’t have to worry about work.

Now my kids are 5 & 8 & its a very different working mums diary.  Might have to write another version.

Have a good week everyone.

Emma xxx