Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas countdown day 10

Today by a Christmas miracle both kids got dressed early & played together without shouting before school. Hurrah!

Today's calendar gifts were lego girl accessories & more weird hanging things.  I think it's supposed to be a light/shadow decoration. Who knows!?!

Today was work & kids have swimming lesson soon.

I've also been searching unsuccessfully for a reindeer onesie. My other half is on a Christmas do Saturday & has only just remembered he needed a costume. There's loads online but wouldn't arrive on time. Men so unorganised! 😜

I was also beyond excited to wake up to carpets!!! We've been doing up our house & I've had no carpets for just over 3 months. DIY is most definitely not my friend but we are nearly finished. Woo hoo!!!
Here's a couple of before & afters -

The Eagle eyed amongst you will notice an old curtain stuffed up the chimney. There was an awful draft. I don't actually notice it anymore! (Wierd what you get used to.) We are getting a wood burner but will be after Christmas now.

Emma xxx


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