Friday, 15 January 2016

Top 10 Family Films

Obviously having 2 children I've watched a few family films. After consultation with the kids our top 10 (in no particular order) are:

1. Elf - Absolute favourite Christmas film. Can watch it over & over with or without the kids.

2. Descendants - This is a new favourite. Its a Disney Channel movie based on some best loved fairy tale characters e.g. - Maleficent, Snow White and Cruella de Vil and good vs evil. My son loves the song Rotten to the Core.

3. Rise of the Guardians - Another new favourite & DreamWorks production.  Jack Frost was our fav but we loved all the fairy tale characters.  Loved that Santa had tattoos!

4. Cinderella - It was a tough choice for my daughter between this Sleeping Beauty or Snow White but Cinderella won. I think the decision was helped by the fact she loves the castle and has recently got the Cinderella Lego set.

5. Wreck it Ralph - Another Disney film we love about arcade characters.

6. Lego Movie - My children especially my daughter are Lego obsessed so this was an obvious favourite.

7. Despicable Me - Love Love Love it!!! Firm family favourite that even me & the kids dad will watch over and over again.

8. Frozen - My son loves Frozen however my daughter hates it! At school they called her Elsa for a while because she has blonde hair & it annoyed her.  She didn't want this on the list but my son insisted. Bless them.

9. Toy Story - We couldn't decide on 1, 2 or 3 so we are cheating and including the whole series.

10. Croods - A DreamWorks film about cavemen. Its a really lovely film and not at all fairy tale orientated.

What are your favourite family films?  Do you ever find you end up watching the end alone?
I watched Tangled by myself the other day.  I could have changed the channel but quite like it.

Emma xxx



  1. Good list! Sometimes it feels like an age since we watched a movie that wasn't a cartoon!

    Frozen has fallen out of favour and has been replaced by 'fish' (Finding Nemo).

    Elf is a favourite and it was a small victory to get the cubs to watch it with us instead of demanding more Paw Patrol!

    The Pixar ones are generally a safe bet and Monsters Inc ("Bear Frog!" was on pretty much solidly at one point.

    Love the Lego Movie! So many great quotes!


  2. like these! I have seen them all except the croods so we must watch it. Lego move is awesome and my two like the Lorax #thelist

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  4. We have seen most of these - except Descendants and Rise of the guardians. Izzy got the cinderella castle and carriage for Christmas too! The Lego Movie is a big favourite - Izzy even had a Unikitty cake for her birthday last week! #TheList

  5. Thanks for the comments. Descendants isn't a cartoon & is probably the only non cartoon I've seen in over 12 months :)
    The unikitty cake sounds awesome!

  6. We love Despicable Me in this house. My son couldn't be bothered with Frozen, much to his Dad's delight! He loves Inside Out, Monsters Inc and Home, I have to watch them all several times a week! Great list xx #TheList

  7. Thanks Wendy there are a lot of fab kids films. We saw home at the cinema & they liked it but not enough to watch at home. I liked inside out actually made me a bit sad when bongle (or whatever the imaginary friend was called) vanished. Sob!

  8. I love all of these apart from Descendents but only because I haven't seen it so will look it up. Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

  9. I haven't heard about a couple of these, but I'll definitely try to remember this for the future! #thelist

  10. I actually haven't seen most of these! I do love Elf, and Toy Story is good. My eldest loves Cinderella, though I have never been a Disney princess fan. I like some of the recent ones, like Tangled, better than the old ones as they are less saccharine. I do quite like the new live action Cinderella though, and fortunately the kids love that one too! #thelist

  11. Toy Story seems to have a magical effect of my little boy! He's always mesmerized by it! Ray xx #thelist