Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sorry I wasn't in a good mood!

As a mother are we supposed to be perpetually happy?

It seems like to the outside world working part time is a dream. Having school holidays off is perfect. What is there to moan about?

Oh I don't know. The dreaded school run. Being held in a groundhog day like time restriction for years!!! Being tied to a particular employment because it fits in with your children. The housework.  The homework.  The school trip letters. Special assemblies you try to attend. The bickering. The argument of who's go it is to sit in the front of the car.  Feeding the pets you didn't even want.  Cooking dinner EVERY day that no one seems to appreciate.

It would be so nice to be able to get up, dressed and leave the house with nobody bothering me. Get into a quiet car. Come home to dinner cooked.

I'm usually upbeat but bloody hell we are all entitled to an off day. Especially when the laptop is having a hissy fit. The printer says it's got no ink but it blatantly has. The form you've just completed disappeared.  Twice! And you are trying to make dinner.

Sorry I wasn't in a good mood this evening!

Emma xxx



  1. We all get days like that :) Proves we're human. Hopefully today will be better

    1. Thank you Mrs Tubbs & apart from a cracking headache it has been 😊

  2. I think the hubby knows when it's 'one of those days' the second he walks in the door! And days he works from home, he is often right there with me...bathtime yet? :-)
    Thanks for linking up to coolmumclub, hope you've cheered up! ;-)

  3. Oh bless you lovely - hope it got better for you #coolmumclub xx

  4. Been much better. Has a lovely Friday & restful (ish) Saturday. X