Friday, 22 April 2016

St George's Day Childrens Story

My alternative St George's children's story.

Happy St George's Day everyone.

Once upon a time in a land long ago,

Everyone was ready for the princess’s show.

But the show was halted by some terrible news,

A fearsome dragon had been discovered by Flo.

“A dragon is coming you won’t believe your eyes,

He’s big, green and ugly and breathing fire.

We better tell the King and Queen,

Before he burns down the Shire.”

Flo raced to the castle with her big brother Luke,

As they went Flo began to yell and shriek.

“A fearsome dragon is coming follow us quick”

They reached the castle and the door opened with a creak.

Luke and Flo quickly explained,

Everyone piled in and the door was locked.

As the fearsome dragon roared and stomped,

The ground shook and the queen looked shocked.                                               

The princess and her friends thought it was exciting,

They dreamt of a handsome prince coming from a far.

The King wrote a note and a pigeon flew for help,

It’s a shame it was the olden days and they didn’t have a car.

Three suitors arrived all brave and strong,

They didn’t get far as the dragon gobbled them whole.

The fearsome dragon’s eyes shone green,

Fire streamed from his jaw he was scarier than a troll.

The next person to arrive showed no fear,

The dragon roared but was quickly floored.

The princess was thrilled a brave prince was finally here,

Before long cheering broke out as the dragon was no more.

The suitor lifted their helmet and smiled,

“Hi I’m Georgina. George for short.”

The King and Queen were surprised but delighted,

“Thank you Georgina for your support.”

The Princess was a little disappointed

She’ been hoping for a brave prince,

She thought maybe she’d be married

She’d been dropping lots of hints.

She was soon smiling as a party was arranged,

The dragon was BBQ’d and everyone loved the feast,

Her show went ahead and it was brilliant fun,

And Georgina became a legend for beating the beast.

Emma xxx

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