Thursday, 28 July 2016

Someone bought MY book!!!

Quite sometime ago I wrote a book.

In fact I wrote two plus a novella.

Its like my little secret.

I've always loved writing and before this blog was born writing was my hobby. I wrote pretend articles I hoped one day would end up in a magazine, children's stories and then the novel.

I've always loved the vampire genre long before Twilight come into existence and decided that was to be my subject.

I wrote, tweaked, obsessed and typed.

Eventually The Awakening was born.  I then went on to write a sequel The Reckoning (which in my opinion is much better although rarely read).

Unfortunately it seems I had missed the self publishing boat and the success I'd seen others achieve 2 years previously seemed hard to emulate.  I'd spent too long thinking about it instead of writing.  The self publishing market was crowded and without a budget promotion was impossible.  It seemed everyone wanted to be a author and Amazon had made it easy to self publish.

After a while I decided to bail and concentrate on others things. I was going to hit unpublish but this seemed too final so I changed the price to £0.99 and left it there.

Every now and then I check and nothing changes.  No reviews. No sales. But to my utter surprise on 21st July 2016 not 1 but 2 copies were purchased. This makes me the grand total of £0.58p so its clearly not about the money but I was thrilled!!!

I've no idea how they found it or if they'll like it but it gave me a little boost and has spurred me on to get writing more.

If any of you are curious the link is below.  Its firmly in the Young Adult Vampire bracket and not everyone's cup of tea but I like to think its a decent UK counterpart in the US dominated market and atleast I can say I tried.

The Awakening - Amazon Link

Emma xxx


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Baking with children - easy recipes

Jammy Thumbprints - Easy baking with children

200g self-raising flour
100g caster sugar
100g butter
1 egg
About 4 tbsp strawberry jam

Mix butter & sugar, add flour & egg.
Should make a stiff dough.
Shape into balls makes 10-12.
Squash slightly in the centre with your thumb.
Fill with jam. Only a little is required.

Bake 180c for 10-15 mins.

Jammy Thumbprints

Jammy Thumbprints

5 cup loaf - Easy Baking with Children

1 cup self raising flour
1 cup porridge oats
1 cup milk
1 cup dried fruit (I usually use 1/2 sultanas or raisins & 1/2 fresh apple diced)
1 cup sugar (I usually use 3/4 else it seems quite sweet)

5 cup loaf
You can also add cinnamon, dried apricots, walnuts, glacier cherries. Whatever you fancy really. Mix thoroughly & pour into a greased loaf tin. Takes about an hour 180c.
Really easy & perfect for young children as no weighing & everything just flung in. Its slightly healthier than normal cake as no margarine or butter & contains oats but obviously still contains sugar. Once cooled just slice.  Can be eaten as it is or with a little maragine/butter spreaded on.


Monday, 18 July 2016

House Hunting - Short Story

House Hunting

“What you up to Saturday?” Sophie asked as we enjoyed a brief catch up on the phone,

“House hunting again.” I sighed.

“Have you and Simon still not agreed on a house?”

“No! It’s getting ridiculous now. We’ve viewed 33 houses. I think even the agents are sick of hearing from us.”

“So how many are you seeing Saturday?”

“Um…4 I think. Unless Simon has added anymore to the list.”

“Well have fun.  Good luck.” Sophie said chuckling “I’ll text you and see how you get on.”

“Ok. Don’t hold your breath for good news. See you soon Soph.” I hung up feeling deflated. The house hunting was getting me down. I’d been so excited when we’d sold our house but now I was feeling a mixture of stress, impatience, and worry. We’d sold our house four weeks ago and I was worried the buyer would pull out and we’d be back to square one. I’d seen several properties I liked but Simon had found a negative in every one. Kitchen too small, no rear access, no scope for extending, garden too narrow, doesn’t like the road. The list went on and on. I said we would never find something 100% perfect and we needed to compromise but Simon seemed to be holding out for perfection and I was losing patience. I felt like sending him by himself as my opinion seemed to count for very little but curiosity always got the better of me so I went along.

Saturday morning as we arrived at the first house we were greeted by Toby one of the estate agents. He smiled warmly but looked resigned to failure. This was the fourth time we’d meet him and the ninth house he’d showed us round. I smiled and followed him into the house. It was a lovely semi-detached, three large bedrooms, decent sized garden, garage and kitchen diner that was a little dated but a lovely size with lots of natural light. I could see us living here but stopped my imagination from running away from me as I sensed Simon was not convinced. He was asking the agent questions about the boiler, roof and council tax band and I zoned out.  My phone beeped dragging me back. I shook my head and smiled as I saw a text appear ‘Are you looking for a new house? Need help? Text 1234 for more details.’ I often wondered where these companies got your details from. Their timing was immaculate but I was not in the mood to be replying to some spam. Eventually the viewing ended as we made our way back to the car telling Toby we would call him tomorrow with our feedback and made our way to the next house.

After viewing all four properties we went for lunch. “So what did you think?” I asked Simon hopefully as we found a table.

“I’m not sure. I liked the first one but something wasn’t quite right.”

“Mm. What about the third one the kitchen was beautiful and I loved the bi folding doors onto the garden.”

“Yeah that was stunning but the road was a bit noisy didn’t you think?” I gritted my teeth and wished I still smoked and could go outside for five minutes to chill out.

“I thought the road was fine. You couldn't hear a thing in the house. I really liked it.” I replied trying to remain calm.

“I think it was probably the best we’ve seen today but I’m not sure I’d want to commit and make an offer.” He reached across the table and squeezed my hand. “I just want it to be perfect. I don’t want to move again. It will be our proper family home.” He smiled. I knew all Simon really wanted was a family homelike the one he’d grown up in. We were planning on starting a family and he had good intentions but his need for perfection was grating on me. He failed to remember the fact his own family home had been extended, decorated, and tweaked over the years and he seemed to be remembering things through rose tinted glasses. His own mother had laughed and told me I had the patience of a saint as we’d filled her in on our house hunting adventures the week before. She’d told Simon to lower his expectations but the advice has fallen on deaf ears.

A couple of days later I logged on to my emails and a message jumped out at me. It said it was from Premium Movers 1234. I’d never heard of them but opened the email.  A property listing appeared and as I read the details a smile spread over my face. It was perfect. It was like someone had squeezed all our wish list components into one house. I excitedly called the number displayed and arranged a viewing and texted Simon.

We went that evening after work. I tried not to get my hopes up but excitement bubbled in my stomach as we pulled up outside. It looked lovely and even Simon was smiling. An agent appeared and we went inside. It was amazing. High ceilings, spacious rooms, decent garden, quiet location. I loved it. As the viewing ended I looked at Simon who was grinning. “Do you like it?” I said

“I love it.” Simon replied. I hugged him tightly and kissed him. “Do you want to make an offer?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes. 100%.” I said feeling my eyes water.

There and then we offered the full asking price and the agent called the vendor who happily accepted. That night we cracked open the champagne and I relaxed for what felt like the first time in weeks. The next day I got a call from Toby. “Congrats on the house. You guys were quick of the mark. I didn’t even know it had come on the market. Who showed you round?”

“Um…do you know what I can’t remember his name? I didn’t realise it was one of your houses. We had an email from another company yesterday about it. Premium Movers 1234.”

“Oh that’s weird. Never heard of them. Maybe head office are using a new marketing tool and not told us.” Toby said “No worries. Main thing is you guys have finally found a house. I’ll get the paperwork sent out today.”

The house sale went through without a single hitch. We never did find out who Premium Movers 1234 were but I silently thanked them every time I opened the door to my new dream house.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Do you ever lose yourself? - Poem

Do you ever lose yourself?
You're not sure where you've gone.
Little things change or happen,
Months may past before you realise.

Raising children is hard work,
Rewarding and at times fun.
But it can also sap your energy,
Time no longer your own.

Relationships change,
For good & for bad.
Sometimes conversations end,
You wonder when or how.

Some days are full of positives,
Others full of grey.
Life can be a challenge,
Lonely, full, happy or sad.

The one thing to remember,
Is those little people are yours.
Your perfect creations,
Through the ups, downs and rows.

Emma xxx