Monday, 11 July 2016

Do you ever lose yourself? - Poem

Do you ever lose yourself?
You're not sure where you've gone.
Little things change or happen,
Months may past before you realise.

Raising children is hard work,
Rewarding and at times fun.
But it can also sap your energy,
Time no longer your own.

Relationships change,
For good & for bad.
Sometimes conversations end,
You wonder when or how.

Some days are full of positives,
Others full of grey.
Life can be a challenge,
Lonely, full, happy or sad.

The one thing to remember,
Is those little people are yours.
Your perfect creations,
Through the ups, downs and rows.

Emma xxx


  1. Oh a lovely poem, that really captures the up and down of parenting #bigpinklink

  2. beautiful - we really do lose ourselves sometimes don't we? Need to stop and take time out to find ourselves for sure. I really enjoyed this #BigPinkLink

    1. Thank you. It can definitely be a fine juggling act. Good job we ❤ our kids. 😁

  3. This is beautiful, you've described it perfectly - the changes, the inevitable ups and down. Lovely poem :) #bigpinklink

  4. Absolutely beautiful poem... And it perfectly captures how I feel, and how I'm sure most parents feel. It's amazing how parenthood can change relationships, friendships, how you feel about yourself and everything you think you know. This is just a perfect poem for parenthood!!

  5. Thank you both so much. xx

  6. Thank you both so much. xx

  7. Lovely poem! I'm not a mom (yet) but can relate in other ways xx