Thursday, 28 July 2016

Someone bought MY book!!!

Quite sometime ago I wrote a book.

In fact I wrote two plus a novella.

Its like my little secret.

I've always loved writing and before this blog was born writing was my hobby. I wrote pretend articles I hoped one day would end up in a magazine, children's stories and then the novel.

I've always loved the vampire genre long before Twilight come into existence and decided that was to be my subject.

I wrote, tweaked, obsessed and typed.

Eventually The Awakening was born.  I then went on to write a sequel The Reckoning (which in my opinion is much better although rarely read).

Unfortunately it seems I had missed the self publishing boat and the success I'd seen others achieve 2 years previously seemed hard to emulate.  I'd spent too long thinking about it instead of writing.  The self publishing market was crowded and without a budget promotion was impossible.  It seemed everyone wanted to be a author and Amazon had made it easy to self publish.

After a while I decided to bail and concentrate on others things. I was going to hit unpublish but this seemed too final so I changed the price to £0.99 and left it there.

Every now and then I check and nothing changes.  No reviews. No sales. But to my utter surprise on 21st July 2016 not 1 but 2 copies were purchased. This makes me the grand total of £0.58p so its clearly not about the money but I was thrilled!!!

I've no idea how they found it or if they'll like it but it gave me a little boost and has spurred me on to get writing more.

If any of you are curious the link is below.  Its firmly in the Young Adult Vampire bracket and not everyone's cup of tea but I like to think its a decent UK counterpart in the US dominated market and atleast I can say I tried.

The Awakening - Amazon Link

Emma xxx



  1. Congratulations lovely! You are officially a published author!! That's an amazing achievement and whether it's 58p or £58,000 you should be very proud. You have earned actual money from the clever words that you have in your head. Not many people can say that. I hope you do go on to pursue it further and I hope it's a huge success for you. xx #coolmumclub

  2. Wow. What an achievement. I do love a good book so I think I'll give it a go sometime. Well done to you. Hoping you get lots of inspiration and the passion to write more and go on to achieve more! #coolmumclub

  3. I am in awe of your skills! Having the commitment to write not one but two books is an incredible achievement in itself. Who knows, two today, next year...two million?! Don't forget us when you're the next J.K. xx
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub