Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why do I have to brush my hair today? - Short childrens story

Why do I have to brush my hair today?

Every morning Lily-Anna would say “Why do I have to brush my hair today?”
“Because otherwise it would get messy and look like hay, now please do as I say.”
After many weeks mum gave in “Ok no more brushing you can have your own way.”
“Wow” Lily-Anna thought this is cool as mum said “Right off to school.” 

A few days past and Lily-Anna’s hair was getting messy
But she wasn’t worried but mum was getting stressy
By the end of the week Lily-Anna’s hair was a state
There were lots of knots and tangles which mum did hate.

“Have you had enough, do you give in?” Mum asked after tea,
“Let’s comb your hair properly before you get a flea,”
“No I like it mum, no more combing for me,” Lily-Anna said with glee
Mum disagreed “We’ll see about that, just you wait and see.”

The tangles got bigger and some toothpaste got in,
Lily-Anna wasn’t worried and thought that’s it I win.
But soon it got worse and looked like a nest,
Lily-Anna’s hair no longer looked its best.


By now Lily-Anna‘s head was starting to itch,
She was starting to look like a scary witch.
Mum was getting worried how long could this go on,
Days, Weeks, Months oh dear this was wrong.

Lily-Anna’s hair by now was a mess,
Tangles, toothpaste, leaves and even some cress.
The next day Lily-Anna and her friend were playing,
Running around and sat on the swings swaying.

Suddenly a little mouse appeared,
It ran towards Lily-Anna with no fears.
It ran up the swing frame and down the rope,
It took a look around and then jumped………….

 ………………….Into Lily-Anna’s hair!!!

“What was that?” Lily-Anna cried,
“Um nothing,” her friend lied.
Her friend ran to the house,
“Come quick, there’s a mouse!”

“Oh my goodness!” mum said as she heard Lily-Anna’s hair squeak,
Suddenly mum felt her knees go weak.
“Enough is enough,” Mum suddenly burst,
“This is going on no longer, it can’t get any worse.”

Lily-Anna began to jump about,
The mouse squeaked again and then jumped out.
“Thank goodness for that” Mum cheered,
Lily-Anna suddenly felt a little bit weird.


“It’s time to get you back to looking you best,
Let’s go to the hairdresser and get rid of this hair nest.”
The hairdresser covered her in a gown,
She looked a bit puzzled and her face turned into a frown.

“This is going to be quite a job but I’ll see what I can do,”
The hairdresser sighed and then got the shampoo
She washed, brushed, snipped and styled
After a while she was finished and everyone smiled.

Lily-Anna’s hair was shiny and straight,
The tangles had gone and it no longer looked a state.
Her hair was beautiful and no longer looked like a nest,
Lily-Anna and her mum both smiled and thought it a success.

Lily-Anna loved her new hair do,
She never moaned again when mum had brushing to do.
Her hair stayed beautiful, soft, and clean,
And was only messy on party nights at Halloween.


  1. This was a fun read. I'm sure my daughter would be more than happy if I didn't make her brush her hair or teeth! I might have to get her to read this and change her mind ;) #weekendblogshare

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