Monday, 17 October 2016

The anonymous blogger

Recently I've been thinking more about the anonymous bloggers.

I sometimes find it hard to engage with the parent bloggers whose profile picture is a logo & their Instagram is all children, day trips, food and the odd lower body clothes shot.

However I think maybe they have it right & I'm wrong.  Anonymity means you can write more freely. Talk about topics you might not want your mum or work colleague to read.

My posts are always honest but we all have a tendency to highlight the good bits. We photograph the smiles and successful play days not the days you are bored rigid and would happily lock yourself in the toilet for a few minutes peace.

I wanted my blog to be identifiable with personality and warmth. My humorous posts fit that description and do well.   But I feel sometimes I'm going through the blogging A-Z for post ideas. Day in the life, share a recipe, blog about a craft project. I love these things but it does feel a little average. Recently I've veered more towards sharing Northamptonshire events & this has gone well but means I can't participate in linkies so much as the posts won't appeal to the masses.

I have also read more about Facebook commenting groups which seem to be about cliques and Instagram accounts using 30 hashtags for optimum likes with a million filters &  absolutely nothing instant about it!  It all seems so engineered. Maybe that's what you need to do to be successful in the parent blogging community.

I've been happy with my growth apart from the annoyingly static Facebook but the more I read the more I don't seem to know. I'm not a techno wonder & have yet to schedule my tweets. I feel like a bit of a blogger fraud. I don't use Google analytics or Tweetdeck or understand SEO.(Google analytics is on my list to do though. I'm trying to go pro!)

I think I've gone off on a bit of a tangent but bare with me (OMG!!! I'm not sure which bare it is. bear/bare. I tried both neither look right.)

I love blogging for the creativity. I've conversed with some lovely people. Maybe I need to engage more (definitely felt more involved since joining a brilliant Facebook group UK parent bloggers). 

Writing & blogging can be a very solitary pursuit and maybe I need a tribe (oooh is that a proper blogger term). I love writing. I've actually dusted off some of my short stories and have begun to share. It was my first love.

Getting back to my original topic I do think some topics would be better written anonymously & the freedom must be so enlightening! To be able to have a proper rant or constructive bitch must be amazing.

Emma xxx

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