Friday, 18 November 2016

The word ONLY!

Have you ever thought about the word only?

I'm only a mum.

I'm only part time.

I'm only term time.

I'm only able to do x, y, z.

Its so negative and I say it ALL the time.

Why do we put ourselves down? Why do we make our achievements seem insignificant?

I attended a workshop this week and for the first time ever something clicked.

I'm good at my job. I'm a good parent. Both through my job & being a parent I have loads of transferable skills (you do too!)

I can multi task. I have good communication skills. I have patience. I can empathise. I can be creative. I have strong English language skills. I have IT skills. I can budget. I can build a rapport with all types of people. I can effectively manage time & workloads. I can inspire.

I am not only a part time worker.  I am a valuable worker. I am not only anything.

Let's just hope I remember this in a few weeks time and I hope this has given you a boost too.


Emma xxx

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