Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Airfix #QuickBuildTimeChallenge

We were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the #QuickBuildTimeChallenge with Airfix.

We were sent two models to build the Lamborghini and Hawk and a stopwatch.

My daughter is a Lego expert but found the Hawk quite challenging.  She went wrong twice so I have a go and also went wrong but managed to build most of the model.  We seemed to make a mistake each time with the red flat bricks in the middle.  I'll have another try and report back at a later date.

The Lamborghini was much easier and looks great once built.  My daughter enjoyed the build and and got a time of 16.07!

Watch our video to see how we got on.

YouTube Video

The pre-coloured pieces push together without glue or paints.  This is a great introduction to Airfix for kids.  There are several other models to collect and build.  Spitfire, Bugatti, VW Beetle, McLaren P1, Apache Helicopter and Mustang.

The Quick Build set is aimed at 5+ but my 6 year old could not manage so I would suggest slightly older.  The 9 year old enjoyed the project.

Why not have a go and let me know your time?

Emma x

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