Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Do we have time???

"I'm just so busy."

"I haven't got time."

"There aren't enough hours in the day."

We ALL say it but do we really mean it.

Sometimes is it just because we don't want to do something? Sometimes is because we just want to be still?

We find time to scroll through our phones for hours. We find time to take a picture & upload to the preferred social media platform.  We find time to watch the favoured soap.

For me "I don't have time." Quite often means "I don't have the energy."  The relentless alarm beeping 5 days a week, work, pressures to keep up with household chores, admin and childcare can leave you on empty.

I've been meaning to resume exercise but haven't got time.

In truth I have got time. I usually have a gap between 4pm & 5pm. The kids have their snack & are plugged into YouTube, computer games or Lego and I get a breather before starting dinner.

I could dust off a fitness DVD but what I want to do is sit still. With a cup of tea. Maybe a biscuit or 3.

I've been meaning to read more with my son but don't have time.

You've guessed it I do but it's a chore. He's not 100% enthusiastic about having to read and it's painful enough doing his weekly homework & spellings so I haven't tried as hard as I could & set aside the extra time. We'd both rather be on my phone.

Should I feel bad? Should I manage my time better?


I need some space & calm to have the energy & brainpower to get all the other stuff done. I find the winter months draining.

I know once spring arrives & the days get longer I'll find a little more time.  I'll find a little more energy.  Fingers crossed my exercise hiatus doesn't do too much damage else I'll be finding time for a weight loss group & how would I fit that in!?!

What do you think?

Emma xxx

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