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Newbie blogger tips

Newbie blogging tips


Newbies may be puzzled when they first see the word linky. What is it & why participate?

A linky is when a host blog invites other blogs to link up a post, the aim is getting additional blog traffic and comments.

This can be a great way to interact with other bloggers & find interesting posts.

It is easy to join in. Copy your blog post URL to the linky, tweet about it & comment on some fellow posts. Make sure you read the host rules but it is usually to comment on the host and at least 2 other blog posts. 

Only negative is large linkies can be time consuming due to the commenting and you may not get as many comments back as you make. 

I was worried about the rules and what a linky was when I first started out. Don't be afraid just dive in.

No follow/do follow

When you search Google for information, the sites with the most links pointing to them rank high in the results.

Occasionally Google checks your blog and looks at all the links you have added. A normal link on your site is known as a ‘follow’ link because Google will follow that link to see where it goes.

The reason no follow/do follow is important is because Google’s guidelines say that any blogger should use a no-follow link when adding a paid link to their blog eg - you were given a product to review/paid to write a specific post.

If you use blogger you simply untick a box. I got worried & found sites telling me to enter HTML codes & was baffled. If you love coding brilliant if not just untick. Phew! Easy. No need to panic.

Social media

Try to get the same name across all platforms.  I have Life in the Mum's Lane across all platforms.
Get on instagram. I was late to the party as I thought how will a photo format help share my words! However it has become my favourite.  I love it.
My instagram link - come join me

Google Analytics

This is a free piece of software from Google that monitors traffic to your blog. To use Analytics, sign up for an account, then copy the code provided into your blog.  Your account will then start tracking things like visitor numbers and what posts they read while they’re visiting.

I must admit although I've signed up to this I've not really spent any time looking at the stats or understand some of the information it can provide so I'm very far from being an expert.

DA - domain authority

Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that shows how well a website will rank on search engines.  You need to have your own domain for this score to have any validity. For example if your URL is this will not give a valid score.  If your URL is this would get a valid score.
1 is the lowest and 100 means you are the best in the world! Anything over 50 is professional with good back links.  A site I found was really useful and broke the score down.
1-10 Poor
11-20 Decent
21-30 Fair
31-40 Competitive
41-50 Good
51-60 Strong
61-70 Excellent
71-80 Outstanding
81-90 Superior
91-100 Rare

I have yet to get a score as only recently got my own domain and you usually need to wait a month or 2 for this to update.

I hope this helps.  These are the top 5 things I wish I'd known when I was starting out.  There is loads more information but I think understanding these 5 things will really help you get into the blogging world.  AND remember to enjoy you can easily get bogged down on stats and forget about the joy of writing.

Emma xxx


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