Friday, 17 March 2017

The Walking Dead - Obsession and Annoyances

I've become slightly obsessed with The Walking Dead recently. I know I know where have I been!!! I'm just finishing season 5.

If you haven't seen this far the below may contain spoilers.

In The Walking Dead it is about survival and in several episodes this seems to be at the expense of kindness, trust, decency and fairness AND sometimes if I'm honest a decent storyline.

It is kill or be killed.

I think in this situation I'd be a gonna. I'm too level headed and lack any physical trait that may help eg - martial arts, running, handling a gun, camping, the list is endless.

Whilst my obsession is raging there are a few things that have really bugged me about the show. Some are curiosities & some are true annoyances.

What do the women do about periods? Probably not the most important issue when you are potentially being bitten by a zombie but come on where are they finding sanitary towels & tampons???

Hair. The women should have pits you can plait and the men should all be sporting pony tails by now. I know a few times we've seen them groom but seriously do they all kill a zombie and then have a shave/trim.

Judith. How is this kid surviving? Where's the steriliser, bottles, formula, nappies and all manner of other baby paraphernalia. Maybe we've all been doing it wrong. A box/sling and acorns. Job done. Who needs to spend hundreds of £'s in boots.

Weapons. Seriously I know America is a gun haven but where do all the bullets & guns come from. Especially the bullets. There always seems to be a steady supply.

New characters. Love a new character but why do so many of them die so quickly. Dawn, Noah, Lily (Tara's sister), Milton, Lizzie, Mika. It also seems they sometimes have a huge storyline to introduce a character just to have an elaborate death scene. Noah is a prime example. Huge hospital storyline, he escapes, meets the group and soon after RIP.  I thought he had so much potential. Why kill him so soon?

Killing our favourites. Why do they kill some of our favourites? Dale went way too soon. Hershel 😭 Beth had just grown & developed. Tyreese needed more of a story than just Judith's babysitter & he still has a firm grasp on the basis of civilisation & could have been an amazing character.  One character I wouldn't mind them bumping of is Carol. I've never warmed to her & season 5 has put me off her even more.  I haven't seen it but its been all over social media so I'm already gutted about Glenn. No!!!!!!!! He was one of the few real good guys. Poor Maggie.

Rick Grimes. Sometimes I love him. Sometimes I think he is a fruitloop & sometimes an absolute selfish violent knobhead & the group should really start making their own decisions & basically ignoring him.

What do you think? What's bugged you about the series.

Emma x

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