Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Polling day - School closures

Polling day school closures is a HUGE bugbear of mine.

My children's school closes for polling days which I think makes a mockery of the huge debate over parents removing children for term time holidays.

It appears when it is convenient for the school/council etc then your child's education is not important but if you deem it necessary to remove your child then you face the wrath of fines.  How about if I fined them?  My children's school was closed for 3 separate days last year.  5th May for police commissioners election, 23rd June for Brexit and 5th July for teachers union strike.

I had to use 3 days annual leave to cover these closures.  I know other parents had to pay for childcare.  I know work in a school and still cannot understand the decision and it is now more difficult for me childcare wise.

On the 4th May my school is closed AGAIN!!! This time for local elections.  I cannot have the day off as the school I work in is open.  Luckily my OH can have the day off although its not very convenient.

That will be 4 lost days in 12 months! How is that allowable?

I understand that voting needs to be made accessible to communities but why does my school have to be shut ALL the time.  We have a large church up the road with a community room.  Everyone knows where it is and it even has a car park.  Why isn't that used?

I feel so annoyed by the situation now that I am going to write to my local council.  The school say it is not in their control.

Does this effect you?  What are your thoughts?

Emma xxx

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