Sunday, 25 June 2017

New crush!

I have a new crush. It's OK though its a celebrity I'll never meet & in reality would be doomed.  I actually don't fancy many celebs as a lot if them seem like knobs.

Joel  step forward.

I didn't know of his existence until I'm a celebrity get me out of here but by the end of the series really liked him.

Move forward several months & after seeing his stand up show I now love him.

He was hilarious, warm and bloody gorgeous!

In reality he's far too sculpted. See his Instagram for top of amazingness. He'd need to eat some pies or my mum tum would be a serious issue 😊

Who's your celeb crush?

Love Emma xxx

P.s since seeing his ACTUAL girlfriend my fantasy romance is over. She's too bloody perfect & I feel inferior even in my head! Stupid gorgeous slim, tall, perfect hair women.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Chicken & Chorizo Recipe & My C25K Journey

Here's another healthy recipe to try & update on my C25k journey.

Chicken & chorizo with brown rice

Absolutely yummy & does no way resemble diet food.
Chicken & Chorizo Recipe

Chicken breast (3-4 depends on size)
Peppers (I use any colour usually 3 or 4)
Tin of chopped tomatoes
75g cubed chorizo (only item need to count on weight watchers filling & healthy - a small amount puts loads of flavour into the dish)
Chicken & Chorizo Recipe

This recipe is for 4 portions.
Cut chicken into chunks & brown.
Remove & then fry chorizo, peppers & garlic.
Add tomatoes & chicken & a little water.
Cook for further 10-15 mins until chicken cooked through.

I love this meal its delicious & doesn't use a huge array of ingredients. I serve with brown rice but you could have pasta, wedges or mash potato.

Now a little update on my C25K attempt.  I never set out to conquer 5K just increase my fitness & aid weight loss.  I've been enjoying it but still find it tough. I'm upto week 6 day 1.  My hardest run so far was week 5 day 3 which was 20 mins non stop! I don't think I've done that since middle school & enforced cross country ha ha! I wanted to stop after 12 minutes but willed myself on & finished but I didn't enjoy it. I've liked the other runs so may stick to 5-8-5 for a while as this pushes me but is manageable.

I think my fitness isn't increasing fast enough as I only do it twice a week instead of 3 times due to work, kids, daylight hours. However I'm still happy as in the beginning I thought 60 seconds was hard!!!

 I'm hoping now the days are getting longer I can go out sometimes in the evening when my partner gets home from work. I've found a nice route which is 2 1/2 miles. I've surprised myself with sticking with it & hope to continue as I do feel really good for getting out in the fresh air & being more active.

Is anyone else attempting the C25k plan?
How are you getting on?

Emma xxx