Monday, 10 July 2017


I know its healthy.  I know its green.  I know they will have thighs to die for. I know its amazing exercise and they can probably eat Mars Bars for breakfast with the calories burned but my god cyclists on the road annoy me.

You spend an age overtaking them for you to then have to stop at a red light, them catch you up and then have to start the whole process again!  I know some cars overtake with ease but far too close.  I like to leave a respectable gap after all I am a law abiding driver but it annoys me greatly.

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My other huge issue with cyclists is in the winter when they wear head to toe black!  How are you supposed to spot someone that is virtually invisible?  But I bet it would be your fault if there was an accident. 

My final grievance is the cyclists that just veer out in front out you with no indication they are going to change lane or swing out from a path.  I know I'm good but I am not a bloody mind reader!

So there we have it my enormously irrational annoyance of cyclists.

Your thoughts?

Emma xxx


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