Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lets talk swimming!

Let's talk swimming.  The school holidays are here. Many of us will go away. My kids love swimming and will go daily when away.  I'm not so keen but do the good parent thing and join in.

The reason is not the swimming suit shopping, wet hair, cellulite or big tum although they are all annoying.  NO its the bikini line issue!!!

How do people get such tamed and smooth bikini line areas?  Why do other women seem to be happy with their bikini line grooming techniques? Instagram, Facebook, TV ads and magazines all show amazingly confident women flaunting their usually flat tums, long legs, perfect tans and NO stray hairs.  I can live with the amazing bods but the bikini line leaves me baffled.

I admit it I'm shy/prude and the thought of a stranger waxing my bits leaves me feeling cold! I've never taken the plunge so have always had to resort to shaving or Veet.  Both are pretty crap and after a few days I have the feared regrowth which is not great on a 7 to 10 day holiday.

My saving grace has been a swimming costume with the little skirt bit, a little bit 50's and quite flattering.  Although that then comes with its own problem as once wet going to the toilet is like mission impossible.  Pulling the dam thing back up is like a workout class!

Please say its not just me.  Help!!!

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