Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Creating and Catching Memories While Travelling With Destination 2.

Creating and Catching Memories While Travelling.

What do you do with your holiday pictures? Do you upload to social media? Make a photo album? Frame your favourites? Or forget about them?

I still love real photos & photo albums. The kids love browsing through them and remembering key holiday memories and places we have visited.

In a recent survey 29 per cent admit to leaving snaps on the computer. A further 29 per cent admit to not doing anything with them at all while over 14 per cent go as far as putting them in a separate folder on their phone.

When it came to making hard copies of the images, only 12.5 per cent of holidaymakers make the effort to get them printed. The remainder of us either create an album on our phones or share them on social media.

Why not do something with your special travel snaps? And then plan your next holiday adventure?

Destination2.co.uk has loads of long haul travel ideas and over 70 years experience. I would love to visit Mexico and Bali once the kids are a little older.  For you adventurous travellers you might want to take your little ones now and have a truly magical holiday to frame.

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