Friday, 1 September 2017

The Clown is in Town - Prologue

A while ago I wrote a short story inspired by my love of Point Horror and the remake of IT.  As its now finally being released I thought it would be a good time to share.  Here's the prologue hope you enjoy!

The party had been great.  I smiled and smoothed down the hem of my little red riding hood skirt remembering my brief flirtation with Riley Roberts. Oh my god that boy was fit.  I was so glad Shannon had convinced me to buy the outfit. I laughed to myself remembering the afternoon at the fancy dress shop. We’d gone to Mr Ben’s fancy dress shop after school and screamed with laughter trying on the different outfits.  I’d almost wet myself. We’d taken so many selfies and posted them to Instagram I’d felt like Kim Kardashian and never had so many comments.  Riley had commented on the link to my little red riding hood outfit which had instantly made that the outright winner although I’d had reservations.  My mum thought it was cute but my dad hadn’t been so impressed. It was a little on the short side and the corset top enhanced my waist making my modest chest look huge.  For a fancy dress outfit though the material was quite good and the cape was a brilliant cover up which had been required when Barry Marshall had perved all over me. Hearing some sort of bird hoot I was dragged back to reality and increased the pace of my walking.

I could kill Shannon. I glanced around anxiously, for the first time realising walking home by myself was probably not my greatest idea.  Although I knew the walk well, in the dark everything looked different.  I squinted at a shadow by the bench, was someone waiting. Panic began to rise and I quickened my pace.  The shadow swayed and I held my breath.  Oh my god it’s a tree branch I am such an idiot! I should have just text my mum for a lift. I pulled out my phone checking the time 11.47 pm my dad was going to go mental. My curfew was 11 pm and I was still a 10 minute walk from home. I was surprised he hadn’t called me. I checked my phone but I had no missed calls.  I’d hoped Riley might offer to walk me back as we live on the same estate but I knew my hopes were dashed once Chloe got her nails into him.  I can’t work out if he actually likes her.

Shannon is usually with me but was currently sucking the face of Sam Carter and I’d got fed up of waiting and left. I was also a little jealous.   Sam wasn’t my type although he was cute but I’d really hoped something more might have happened with Riley and I felt like a gooseberry.  Sam had said he’d make sure Shannon got home ok.  To be fair Shannon had offered to leave and we’d not actually agreed to go home together. Sam had convinced her to stay and she’d been easily swayed I thought grumpily.

I was just rounding the corner into the estate when I noticed a guy from the party.  It was the clown guy. The costume was wicked but slightly freaky. The clown mask had pointed teeth and the face was long making it look as though it was melted. The costume was brightly coloured and he had an afro wig on.  He even had long red shoes which must have been a nightmare to walk in.  “Hey good party wasn’t it?” I said smiling.  He didn’t reply so I carried on.  “Do you live near here?” Still no answer.  I started to feel uneasy my heart rate increasing. Realising I didn’t actually know who was under the mask I began to walk faster knowing I was nearly home. Why had I left without Shannon? Why hadn’t I just text my mum or dad? They would have picked me up even though I’d be grounded for being late again.

I heard footsteps behind me so began to run.  I was nearly home it would be fine. Just a few more metres.  Realising it was quiet again I looked behind me and no one was there. The clown guy obviously was just a jerk and wanted to freak me out.  I stopped slightly out of breath and looked around properly.  No one was in sight.  Bloody hell maybe I’d imagined it. I’d always had an active imagination and the late hour and sneaky vodka and redbull I’d drunk earlier had maybe left my brain supercharged. I sighed feeling stupid and felt my phone buzz.  A text message glowed in the gloom.

Ring a ring a roses,

People will bring posies,

Bless you bless you,

As you fall down.

What the bloody hell did that mean?  I spun back round and the clown was inches from my face. I gasped as he raised something above his head. Thunk! Then nothing.

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  1. Love this! I loved how descriptive it was I really got into this. Chilling poem too!