Friday, 13 October 2017

10 things that prove you are a school run mum (or dad).

10 things that prove you are a school run mum (or dad).

1. You will have to make packed lunches for years!!!

2. You will be responsible for book bags, reading records, pe kits, swimming bags, homework, signing multiple letters, remembering bake sales and charity mufti money.

3. If you forget any of the above you will be a terrible mother.

4. You will curse homework projects such a making a model fire engine or volcano.

5. Unless you are the uber mum everyone is jealous off and makes a stunning Pinterest inspired creations with ease.

6. You will dread and love parents evenings in equal measures. The rush, speed dinner/snack and double school run! But the happiness of a good report. Pat on the back all round.

7. The daily 'Get your shoes on' conversation/shout.

8. You feel like a cart horse rather than human as you juggle coats, book bags, lunch boxes, must have trip letter and your own things! Heaven forbid a child can carry their own stuff.

9. You will love the Christmas nativity and out of tune carols. Even though the hall is 25 degrees, you can't really see and the chairs are made for tiny infants.

10. You finally get the need for multiple school holidays and breathe a sigh of relief on the Friday afternoon pick up when no school runs stretch ahead. RELAX. Who am I kidding? Relax, you now have to entertain the kids but at least you don't need to set the alarm or make bloody pack lunches.

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