Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 8 - Work do

Blogmas 8.

It's Friday.  I bloody love Fridays and this Friday is also my Christmas work do.  It's my first Christmas at my current workplace so not sure how raucous things get.  Will I did paracetomal in the morning or will I be home by 10?  I'll report back tomorrow,

Have you got a work do?  Rowdy or tame?

Emma xxx


Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 10 - Fox Attack & Snow!!!

Blogmas 10 Sunday

Fox Attack & Lots of snow!

Today I was awoken by sad news and excited children.

Sadly a fox has attacked our hens. One is gone without even a feather left behind and one is injured. Thankfully hen number 3 is unscathed. I feel awful as we didn't shut their door. My daughter heard a noise just after 7 and looked out her window and a fox was there but ran away when the lights were turned on.

My gorgeous Archie has gone and Nugget is injured but so far doing well. I can't believe it and have decided foxes are most definitely of the Christmas card list. My children are quite matter of fact about it as it but I've shed a tear.  I think because all evidence of Archie has gone its not quite as real to them. When Jagger died (thankfully of natural causes) my son was very upset. They are our pets so I'm really hoping Nugget will pull through. I've hand fed her and checked her frequently so fingers crossed.

On a brighter note we had LOTS of snow. Quite often it misses us her in Northampton and I must say I was very surprised. The kids wrapped up and were playing outside just after 7!


We've been sledging which was great and built a large if rather wonky snowman.

I really do need to get some new wellies though. Mine have vanished into thin air. I've only had them a year or two and they were nice ones from Next but they are nowhere to be seen. Very annoying. But never mind I'll add to my rather long must get list. I really need to finish my Christmas shopping.

How's yours going?  Did you get snow?

Emma xxx

Christmas countdown - Blogmas 11 - Snow day & Sofas

11th December

Snow day & Sofas

Well today was an unexpected day off. I was quite glad as woke up with a really sore throat & headache however by 10am the kids were bickering and I was considering work being an easier option kids!

Our new sofa was due today but I'd had no communication from the company & with the snow had no idea if it was coming. We had requested after 3.30 as I'd normally be at work but they couldn't guarantee a time. Very helpful.  Well it's a good job school was cancelled as they arrived at 10.30 with 10 minutes notice!

Luckily my brother & sister popped in & helped get my monster old sofa out! Thanks #teamremoval

I've also been happy to be home so I could keep an eye on my poorly hen. She's been amazing & I'm hoping she'll be OK. She's eating, drinking and walking so fingers crossed her wound heal quickly.

So all in all a busy unexpected day off with sledging thrown in for snowy cheer. After a few strops from the boy we had several good sledge attempts  before cold hands & feet sent us home. I really need to get some new wellies   fake uggs are not great in the snow!

Finally we watched Mickey Mouse Christmas and now Elf is on and I'll make dinner soon.

How's your day been?

Emma xxx

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 9 - Saturday Rest

Blogmas 9. Saturday

Today was a day of recovering & housework & snuggling on the sofa.

I had my works Christmas do last night which was brilliant fun.

My son decided to have a PJ day which I think is needed sometimes & my daughter is snuggled in her favourite I'm a Cat hoodie.

Just watching the end of Nativity 3. I'm not really sure if its cheesily good or terrible.  What do you think?

Emma xx

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 7

Blogmas day 7 and 17 days to go!!!

Today is work and school but I feel positively brimming with festive cheer as will be watching the little ones in the Nativity.  You can't help but smile and feel happy hearing tunes such as Away in a Manager and Little Donkey. I hope the shepherd's have tea towels on their heads and the angels have misshapen tinsel halos.

My daughter has once been an angel and just looked gorgeous and my son's moment of glory was a sheep playing a saxophone!

Do you love a school nativity?  What parts have your children been?

Emma xxx


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 5

Today is school and then we are going ice skating!  This year my niece and nephew are also coming & have never been so should be fun.  I'm awful but love it.  I have got a push along penguin supposedly for my 10 year old but really for me.

We are going to Beckworth Emporium which I love but there's lots of other places to visit.

My post below has a few other venues for you to try if you live in or around Northamptonshire.

Ice Skating Guide

Here's a couple of ice skating pictures from last year.  I'll include some new ones tomorrow and let you know if I managed to stay upright.  Wish me luck.

19 day to go!!!

Emma xxx


Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 4

It's Monday!!!

Pretty normal day for us with work/school.  Ordered one more Christmas present for click & collect as went to the store & out of stock but available online (Very annoying) but the other important item is still out of stock everywhere Grr!

I actually went to the gym today for damage limitation reasons rather than in the hopes of losing weight as have lots of food related days/nights out planned in December. 

20 days to Christmas peeps!!!!  Ho Ho Ho.

Emma xxx

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 3

Today is Sunday 3rd December.  I have a day of housework and a visit to my friend to exchange presents for our children and a gossip.  As we are both busy this was the only slot we had before Christmas.  Do you find the same thing? My weekends are pretty full and with school we are busy all the way up to Christmas.  I do love all the festivities but also the odd evening wrapped in a blanket on the sofa.

What are you up to today?  How's the Christmas shopping going?

Emma xxx


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 2 - Tree Reveal

I know for some people this is far too early but I always put my Christmas tree up the first weekend in December and it comes down 31st January as I like to start the year with a clean & tidy living room.

We moved 3 years ago and now have a bay window so get a real tree.  This year we got it from Billing Garden Centre.  They have a brilliant selection and currently 20% off if you have a store card.

I always let the kids help me decorate and then rearrange once they are in bed. What about you?

Well anyway without anymore waffle here is my gorgeous tree.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Haven Holidays Review

In the last 12 years I have become an expert Haven Holiday goer. My children love caravan holidays. Whilst it's not quite so relaxing for the parents as an all inclusive in Spain it definitely has its charms. My children love the characters, play areas, swimming pools & arcades that Haven offers so we keep going back. Caravan holidays are also great for large family groups and caters for everyone from babies to grandparents.

We have sampled 9 sites and had some amazing holidays.

We've been to -

Weymouth Bay
Devon Cliffs
Golden Sands Mablethorpe 
Combe Haven Hastings 
The Orchards Clacton on Sea 
Burnham on Sea
Church Farm Bognor Regis 
Wild Duck Great Yarmouth
Rockley Park 
Littlesea (October 2019)

My top 3 sites so far are.........
Wild Duck Norfolk 
Rockley Park
Church Farm Bognor Regis

Treehouse area at Wild Duck
Church Farm was our favourite and we've been twice but Wild Duck pipped it this year.   It has such a unique atmosphere and the main entertainment complex is lovely. The layout is great & I loved the woodland feel & water features.  It helped we had good weather so we enjoyed the outdoor pool & the kids loved the sand pit play area attached to The Sitting Duck (pub bit). My only minor grumble would be the club house got very busy so seating a large group was difficult. On this particular holiday we went as a family of 14! I would highly recommend this site.  The other plus point is it was quick to get to many attractions nearby & a lovely beach.  We had a lovely caravan which appeared brand new & the site was immaculate & included 3 separate outdoor play areas which the kids loved.

This was from 2011. Polly in her old outfit & my daughter clutching Anxious & Mr Rabbit (who's actually a girl)
Summer 2015 & my sons 5th birthday. Having a birthday cuddle with Greedy.
Easter 2014 at Burnham on Sea  - Bradley & Rory 

Hope you've enjoyed this post & it's inspired you to try a Haven Holiday site next year.

If you do go remember these few essentials -

Washing up liquid

Tea towel & sponge/scourer pad

Toilet roll

Tea, coffee, juice, milk

We always take breakfast bits so the kids can be feed & you haven't got to get dressed at the crack of dawn to go anywhere

2p's for the arcade slot machines

In colder months extra blankets, hot water bottle  (brilliant to warm children's beds) and possibly a portable fan heater.

If you would like to check out any Haven Holidays the link to their website is below

If you would like to read my Rockley Park review the link is here

Happy holiday hunting.

What's your favourite Haven site?

Emma xxx

LOVE The Mash & Barrel at Church Farm 2013.
Rockley Park - April 2017
Rockley Park Crazy Golf

Go Kart power!!!

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