Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Countdown - Blogmas 10 - Fox Attack & Snow!!!

Blogmas 10 Sunday

Fox Attack & Lots of snow!

Today I was awoken by sad news and excited children.

Sadly a fox has attacked our hens. One is gone without even a feather left behind and one is injured. Thankfully hen number 3 is unscathed. I feel awful as we didn't shut their door. My daughter heard a noise just after 7 and looked out her window and a fox was there but ran away when the lights were turned on.

My gorgeous Archie has gone and Nugget is injured but so far doing well. I can't believe it and have decided foxes are most definitely of the Christmas card list. My children are quite matter of fact about it as it but I've shed a tear.  I think because all evidence of Archie has gone its not quite as real to them. When Jagger died (thankfully of natural causes) my son was very upset. They are our pets so I'm really hoping Nugget will pull through. I've hand fed her and checked her frequently so fingers crossed.

On a brighter note we had LOTS of snow. Quite often it misses us her in Northampton and I must say I was very surprised. The kids wrapped up and were playing outside just after 7!


We've been sledging which was great and built a large if rather wonky snowman.

I really do need to get some new wellies though. Mine have vanished into thin air. I've only had them a year or two and they were nice ones from Next but they are nowhere to be seen. Very annoying. But never mind I'll add to my rather long must get list. I really need to finish my Christmas shopping.

How's yours going?  Did you get snow?

Emma xxx

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