Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Why do we share on social media? & online safety

Why do we share on social media?

A personal outlet? Validation? To get encouragement? Agreement? Provoke a debate?

We all have that friend who writes a cryptic Facebook status and then multiple people comment "Are you ok?" "What's up?" "Text me."

Social media is part of our every day lives now.  We probably share things without even realising.  My own children are shocked that I grew up and existed without Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I actually shudder at what images could be out there from my teenage years. I'm glad we didn't have smart phones with the ever ready camera setting.

I do worry that social media is making our children grow up prematurely and they see things that their young minds aren't ready for.  I have a few friends (very sensible nice people) who allow their children on Facebook etc underage (For information the age limit is 13).  Peer pressure is a huge issue but age limits are there for a reason.  Will I eventually cave? I hope not.  So far my daughter is not interested although is a huge YouTube addict.  I'm aware she can obviously view things on there that are not age appropriate but I do check.  I've made both children very aware never to share personal information, share pictures or join chat rooms and fortunately this has been discussed a couple of times at their school.

I'm a blogger so sharing is what I do and there's a balance.  I do feature my children in posts but they both know and so far don't mind.  I never include pictures I think they would be embarrassed off or that identify a school logo or name.  Of course if someone was desperate to find me they probably could but Northampton is a very big place.

Some bloggers/vloggers do daily updates and reveal many aspects of their lives.  Their audience connect and their platforms grow.  I always liked writing for its solitary existence and being known was never what I wanted but statistically a brand with a face sells.  I have considered if I need to put myself out there more but so far have decided not too. I'd love Life in the Mum's Lane to be known throughout Northamptonshire but not necessarily Emma Jones.

I do however love social media and can while away several hours scrolling through various platforms.  It's become a strange hobby. 

What do you think about social media? Do you overshare?  Or have concerns about your own children?

If you are concerned about child online safety here's a post a wrote a couple of years ago with some top tips.  This is primarily aimed at 5 to 7 year olds but has useful information for all ages.

Internet safety for children

Think U Know

Emma xxx

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