Thursday, 23 August 2018

Legoland Windsor Review & Tips

We have just returned from a trip to Legoland Windsor. Here's my review and some top tips. 

The kids LOVED it and that is the main thing and I would return but there are a few things that as an adult that are very irritating about Legoland.

I found the amount of win a teddy kiosks enormously off putting and unnecessary. It's just another way to get money out of parents. I also believe there should be more drinking water fountains and/or cheaper bottles of water on sale. Definitely take a picnic the food is as expected very experience and not the best quality. There's lots of picnic spots dotted about although many people just snack in the queues.

Unless you plan well you will be in huge queues all day. I would recommend using the app and heading to the rear of the park first. I had done a lot of research before going but obviously you cannot tell queue times or what rides maybe closed but the planning 100% helped.

The Ninjago ride had a 40 minute queue time but was actually over an hour. Later in the day it was 90 mins! If short on time I would skip this ride as although good not worth the queue time.

Mia's adventure often had a short queue (under 30 mins) and our whole family enjoyed it. Another great one with shortish queues was the Squid Surfer and my kids loved the Raft Racer but you do get VERY wet! Be prepared.

Pirates of Skeleton Bay
Unfortunately the Dragon was closed which we were really disappointed about as got there early to beat the queue but did mean we got on Pirate Falls (Log flume) in just a 10 minutes. Later in the day it was 90! If the log flume is a must for you head there early or very late.

The park was clean, tidy and fun. Certain sections of miniland are looking very faded and Drench Towers seriously needs more changing rooms/toilets but I thought it was well laid out.

I would definitely see a show Pirates of Skeleton Bay was brilliant and a good chance to rest your feet, eat a snack and chill out. Head there 15+ mins early though to get a seat.

We didn't use any of the play areas although Castaway Camp looked great but time didn't allow.

Our top rides were (in no particular order) -
Mia's Adventure
Jolly Rocker
Squid Surfer
Raft Racer
Pirate Falls
Coastguard HQ

One's we wouldn't do again -
Lego City Driving School- too slow, some cars didn't work very well and you have to pay for driving licence which let's face it the kids all want.
Ninjago- huge queue times. Good ride but not amazing. My daughter didn't like the 4D element as scared of spiders!
Skyrider- shorter than expected. Nice view of miniland but nothing special. 

We didn't go on any rides in Duplo Valley (expect raft racers) due to time and age of children so cannot comment on this zone.

We were disappointed with Kingdom of the Pharaohs as kids thought it was a bit babyish but it obviously depends of the age of your children.

In short absolutely great for Lego fans and my kids loved it and would go back tomorrow.

Legoland please remove some of the teddy/arcade stalls, put in more water fountains and improve food quality and value. 

Parents be prepared to queue and HAVE FUN!

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