Thursday, 17 January 2019

Disneyland Paris Tips Travelling by Eurotunnel No Meal Plan

The Disneyland Paris for Brits Facebook group is amazing and virtually every question I've pondered was answered by some kind soul.  However the precise planning of some did make me have a mini panic attack so these Disneyland Paris tips are for the Eurotunnel no meal plan, winging it families like us!

If you want to meet characters and eat at specific restaurants you must book/plan but my children aren't interested in meet & greets so we went pretty free & easy apart from Buffalo Bill's which we did prebook.
We travelled by Eurotunnel and anyone panicking about driving really don't. It is very straight forward from Calais. A26, A1, A104 and A4. The last part is fully signposted. The motorways were much clearer than England and speed limit in places was 130kph which is 80mph. It took approx 3 hours. Whilst driving we listened to Skyrock which alternated between a French song and English - beware though they do not edit out swear words! One song came on frequently and we learned where to turn the volume down briefly.  Luckily the kids watched a DVD for half of the journey so weren't even listening much.
Toll was €18.80 there and €22.10 back. Large gap between tolls so don't worry you haven't missed it.
We stayed at Cheyenne texas stowaway room.  It was smaller than expected but we were rarely in it. As others have said no kettle or fridge.
We did pop to Val de Europe (10 minute drive away) once and had a cheaper lunch and got a few bits in Auchan (Supermarket) but with no fridge the food shop limited. We did get 5 croissants & 5 pain au chocolat for €4.50 which did 2 breakfasts on the go. 12 small bottles of water was €2.04. There was a massive Primark if anyone wants a cheap Disney jumper or ears.

Disneyland Paris

Cheyenne has a general store but very expensive. An idea on prices Vittel water/Coke/Sprite €3.69 and Kronenbourg can €4.99 and packet of sweets €3.99.
A shuttle bus is provided from Cheyenne and drops you by the station and you then pass through security but we preferred walking.  It was nice to have a little peace and the walk past the lake and Disney balloon was lovely.

Disneyland Paris Balloon

Now to the park. Use your extra magic time. 8.30am the park opens for hotel guests. Do plan this as can take time to get through the security and park entrance.
Depending on age of children Fantasyland is good and can get 5 rides done very quickly. We headed straight to Buzz twice (kids favourite ride) and Ratatouille once. Queues minimal. Unfortunately Crush's Coaster broke whilst we were in the queue and although magic time and initially small queue ended up in it for over 90 minutes!

Crush's Coaster was a wierd one for us. I thought you would be in a blue underwater scene with turtles swimming about and maybe a little splash. However it is mostly VERY dark and quite loud. My 8 year old HATED it and cried - not quite such a magic time. Just a warning for others.

Disneyland Paris

Stitch Live was a surprise big hit as was the Studio tram tour. The stunt show was fab, make sure you arrive on time as we got there late on 1st attempt and weren't allowed in.

Disneyland Paris

Buffalo Bill's was brilliant and our whole family loved it, the food was pretty good too and we were all full. No need to arrive an hour early though 30 mins will be fine.

Disneyland Paris Halloween Goofy at Buffalo Bills

We also ate dinner at Annette's and Rainforest Cafe (walk in no booking required) both were nice. Fueute del Oro in Frontierland was good for lunch and brilliant Coco decorations as we were there during Halloween.

Disneyland Paris Halloween Coco

We loved the illuminations at 10pm and would have liked to have watched twice but the 8 year old couldn't keep awake that late the following day. The Halloween parade was brilliant and I actually preferred it to the main 5.30pm parade. We didn't watch the villains show as my children weren't bothered although I would have liked it 😊

Disneyland Paris Halloween Minnie Mouse on Parade
Obviously the parades and special shows will change depending on the season.  Always check the times.  The hotel should give you a leaflet with them all on.

Disneyland Paris Halloween Main Street
Take comfy shoes, be patient and most importantly have an amazing time.  If you travel during the winter months do take plenty of warm clothes.  Layers are probably best and it gets very cold queuing especially for little ones.
Hope this helps some of you. Happy Disneyland Paris holiday.

We have been twice now and I thought that would do but I would happily go a 3rd time.

Emma xx