Sunday, 23 June 2019


I'm the type of person that just gets on. I just go along with it and do what is required. I'm not an anxious person or worrier but recently I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed!

How can I reduce my plastic pollution?
What about the polar bears?
Who's going to be the new PM?
How is Donald Trump in power?
Is global warming why it keeps raining?
Why has America changed it's abortion laws?
What about the bees?

This is on top of my normal weekly thoughts/tasks.

30 hour a week job, school runs, housework, homework, cooking, food shopping, daily quiz on what's for snack, pets, packed lunches, trying & failing at slimming world, attending slimming world, swimming lessons, football training, friends, family, elderly parent, partner, kids, life admin (remembered to book MOT but not the blood test!)....

The list goes on.

My own self care (god I hate that phrase but too tired to think of something better) goes out the window. I'm also a terrible contradiction. I really want to start some exercise but if I have 30 or more minutes free I'd rather faff on my phone. I then feel guilty. Likewise I'm currently on a yo-yo diet.  I know how to lose weight but seem unable to stick to it.

Time with my partner also goes out the window if I'm honest. If I do have time I'd rather read a book & have some peace; if he has time he'd rather go to the pub.

I saw a great quote recently "You can do anything but not everthing" (Credit unknown)

"You can do anything but not everthing"
Credit unknown

I think I need to remember this. Maybe take a little breather. Sod the housework. Take a walk and stay off Twitter. Oh and buy a lavender plant for the bees!

Hope you are all doing ok?

Emma xxx


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