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Park & Playgrounds in Northampton & surrounding villages

As a parent I have spent many, many hours in parks and playgrounds in Northamptonshire. Some are regular haunts others not so often. I have ventured to more and further as after 13 years it does get a tad boring. 

To help you here is a list of all the parks and playgrounds in Northamptonshire I have visited or heard about. I've tried to give a little information about each and parking information if known. Why not add to Pinterest so you can refer back to it? There's a sharing button at the bottom of the post.

I have broken the guide into locations as it was getting to big. This guide is for parks & playgrounds in Northampton and surrounding villages only. Guides are available for Corby, Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and just a little out of Northampton (Mark Harborough, Olney, Kettering etc).

Abington Park, Northampton 
Park on nearby streets. Play area, tennis courts, bowls, café. 

Racecourse, Northampton
Lots of equipment in 5 locations across the park.  Most of the apparatus is older and in recent months the zip wire and some swings have been broken.  Some free car parking off the Kettering Road near the pavilion. Lots of space, basketball hoops, café sometimes open in the pavilion.

Bradlaugh Fields, Northampton
This was an old golf course, now popular for dog walkers and sledging in the snow. There is a barn that is run by volunteers so only open at select times, small play area and lots of open space. No parking. Some visitors use the Morrison's car park or park on the street near NSG.

Boothville Park, Northampton 
Park on or near Burford Avenue and there's a little path. A nice enclosed play area and space. A mixture of new and old equipment. 

Abington Vale, Northampton 
Two small play areas near Bridgewater Drive and Milverton Crescent. The 1st is only really suitable for pre schoolers. The other has limited equipment but lots of space near the allotments. 

Eastfield, Northampton 
Several entrances via Kettering Road, Booth Lane North, Grange Road and Greenfield Avenue. We access on a path next to Cynthia Spencer Hospice. Large space with basketball court, small new play area, zipwire, climbing frame and lake. 

Rectory Farm Pocket Park, Northampton 

Earls Barton Play area, Northampton
Near Harrowick Lane, play equipment includes skate ramp, basket swing, zip wire, swings. 2 areas with lots of green space in between. On street parking is near the youth club. 

Hardingstone Recreation Ground, NN4 6DH 
Closest road is Glebe Way. Square playing field in Hardingstone Village with good variety of play equipment. I noticed 4 entrances onto the park we used the one nearest the church. 

Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground, Northampton  

Radlands Plaza, Northampton 
Skate Park off Bedford Road. There is free but limited parking. open all day every day, Floodlights turned off at 9.30pm. 

Beckets Park (also known as Midsummer Meadow), Northampton
Off Bedford Road and near the Skatepark and Marina. Play area and café. 

Great Billing Pocket Park, Northampton
Penfold Lane. Small play area next to Billing Parish if this is open toilet's can be accessed. Small car park is also available for use. 

Hunsbury Hill Country Park, Northampton, NN4 9UE 
Large park with Drover's Café for refreshments. 

Blacky More Park, East Hunsbury 

Near Butts Road & community centre, small play area and green space. 

Ladybridge Park, West Hunsbury 
Large green space with play area. Football pitches used by Welland Valley. Car parking available of Ladybridge Drive.

Wootton Brook Park & Lakes 
Open space & lakes but no play equipment.

Parklands, Northampton Devon Way. 
Car park and community centre are next to the small play area. Large fields where football is regularly played at weekends. 

Billing Brook Road, Cygnet Lane 
Exercise equipment and small play area on the other side of the bridge. Another small play area is in front of Costcutter a few minutes’ walk from here. 

Billing Brook Road, Crestwood Road (Thorplands) 
New play area opened July 2019. No swings and mostly for younger children. New iplay equipment was installed but when we visited already broken. Also multi use court which is popular for basketball/football. 

Billing Aquadrome, Crow Lane, NN3 9DA 
You can walk on site for free or pay to park. Several small play areas are dotted around the site and multi use court. Northampton caravan site with fairground. The Venue has food, drink, toilet's, swimming pool and small soft play area. For more information click on the link 

Salcey Forest, NN7 2HX Near Quinton Village. 
As the name suggests this is a forest with a small play area and The Forest Café. Perfect for woodland walks and space. The Treetop walk is currently closed. £1.50 for an hour and £4 all day parking charges. Often has Gruffalo trail or similar. 

Castle Ashby, NN7 1LQ
Grounds, menagerie, café and play area. You have to pay to enter the grounds but can use the café and play area with no charge. 23rd March to 4th November £8.50 adult and £3.75 over 5's. Under 5's are free. Family ticket £21 which is for 2 adults and 3 children. 5th November to 22nd March reduced facilities and £5 per car charge. Special events throughout the year. For more information click the link 

Delapre Abbey, NN4 8AW
No play area but loads of open space to run around and climb trees. Free parking. Only need to pay for entry to the house. 

Wootton Recreation Ground Curtlee Hill near the Wootton community & sports centre. Multi use games area and play equipment, Big playing field. Car park. 

Victoria Park, St James, Northampton
We parked on Muscott Street but others are nearby. Small enclosed park with some new equipment. Big playing field and multi use court. 

Semilong Park, St Andrew's Road near Uppingham Street
Small play equipment park ideal for pre schoolers. 

Spring Boroughs 
Small play area next to the school, green space with benches and exercise equipment over the road.

Dallington Park, Dallington Park Road/Harlestone Road. 
Play equipment and large playing field. The play park is split in 2 with one side more for toddlers/pre schoolers. 2 basket swings and large dragon swing. Car park is available and was very easy to park. 

Dallington, Aberdare/Swansea Road
Additional smaller play area 

Errington Park, Ryeland Road, Duston
Small play equipment area and large playing field with multi use games area. Several entrances onto the field we used Park Avenue. 

Old Duston, behind St Luke's school. 
Pathway off Millway takes you to a small park and playing field. Can also access via Melbourne Lane. 

Duston, Sam Harrison Way 
Small play area and large playing fields. Backs onto Duston United Tennis Club

Upton, Clickers Place near Upton shop
Small park but Upton Country Park is a few mins walk away perfect for bike rides, kicking a ball etc.

St Crispin's Park, St Crispin's Drive/Frank Large Walk
Car parking available. Play equipment and large playing field. 

Moulton Village, near Church Street/Church Hill 

Play equipment area/park. Appears no parking but maybe able to use the co-op but check parking restrictions.

Moulton, Moorbridge Road

Newer small play area and large open space.

Moulton, Spinney Close

Small circular play area.  Possible parking on The Furrows.

Elliot Park, Sywell, Northampton

This park is off Webbs Lane park nearby and walk up. Really nice play area with a good mixture of equipment including zipwire, multiple swings, slides, roundabout and sand pit.

Scaldwell Park, Northampton

Near the High Street and East End in Scaldwell village. Playing field and play area with sand pit. 

Roade Village, near Stratford Road/High Street/library 
This has been refurbished and is a lovely big space. Lots of equipment for all ages. Separate toddler area which is enclosed. Skate ramp, basketball, goal posts. Really lovely park. There's a small road next to it which we parked on along with 2 other families. Possible parking at library but check signs/restrictions.

Boughton Pocket Park, Northampton

You can access via Howard Lane. Lovely wooden play equipment. New benches & picnic tables have been installed February 2020.

Milton Malsor Village Park, NN7 3AF

Lovely enclosed park in Milton Malsor. Swings, Slides, Zip wire.  Park on the verge or streets nearby.

Spratton, Smith Street near Spratton Sports and Social Club
Parking available, large playing field and some play equipment. 

Pitsford Village Park, NN6 9AD turn onto Home Farm Lane. 
Car park, play area and large field where football is regularly played. 

Brixworth, Froxhill Crescent near St David's Clubhouse. 
Parking available, play equipment and playing field. 2nd small play area is located on Spratton Road near junction with St David's Road. 

Ashway, Brixworth
Large playing field with small play area. 4 pieces of equipment but looks new. Baby swings, child swings, surf swing & climbing frame.

Harlestone Firs, Harlestone Road, NN7 4EW 
Not a park or somewhere with play equipment but great to get the kids in the fresh air. and enjoy a woodland walk and some open space. Parking is available over the road. 

Grange Park
Car parking. No play equipment but lots of open space.
Down the road is a small toddler play park. Fenced in & tidy.

Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire 
Beside Bedford Road West near Yardley Hastings Garage. Older equipment, green space all in working order. 

Small enclosed play area with some new looking equipment beside Bedford Road. Some on street parking on Church Lane. 

Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall and playing fields. 
Football pitches, multi use sports court, play area and car park. This is on York Avenue not far from the primary school. There is also a pocket park with woodland & a stream and no play equipment near Short Lane. 

Denton Recreation Ground Play Area 
Small play area and large playing field on Vicarage Lane beside the primary school. 

Kislingbury Play Area Near Cromwell Cottage down Beech Lane. 
An older play area but all equipment in working order. Lots of space and car park. Whilst we were there an ice cream van turned up too! 

Little Houghton Play Area Small play area at the end of Lodge Road 
Really lovely enclosed play area near the primary school.  Some new equipment & really well looked after.

Great Houghton Play Area Near the village hall on Leys Lane 
Enclosed play area with swings child & baby, slides, climbing apparatus. Large field with some exercise equipment dotted around the edge.  Also car park.

Bugbrooke Play Area (Paddocks) 
This was a very small new play area at the end of John's Road. Good climbing frame with slide but not much else. There was a frame which looked like it might have housed a basket swing but was not there when we visited. 

Flore Play Area (Brodie Lodge Playing Field) Down Spring Lane
 Car park huge playing field and good variety of equipment to suit most ages. Skate ramp and multi use court. Would be good combined with Bliss Lane Nursery which is nearby. 

Ecton Village Green
The village green has a play are this is a triangular piece of land sandwiched by Wellingborough & Northampton Road and located behind The World's End pub which also has an outdoor play area. 

Great Doddington near the Primary School & Memorial Hall Play area and playing fields. Looks like there is a small car park at the memorial hall.

Weedon Jubilee Field 
Large field with play area used weekly for football has free carpark attached.

Weedon Croft Way 
This located behind the Village Hall and was a lovely enclosed play area with 14 pieces of equipment plus benches.  A good mixture to suit all age ranges. We parked on the street but you can use the village hall car park.

Weedon Cavalry Fields 
Play area is a very small located in a housing estate not far from the Old Depot.  Only suitable for young children.

Nether Heyford, Bugbrooke Road/Hillside Road 
Nice enclosed play area with swings, slide, roundabout etc


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