Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Ice skating guide for Northamptonshire 2019

Ice skating is a Christmas tradition in our house.  We aren't very good and a push along penguin or 2 is required but it's part of the Christmas fun. So where can you go ice skating in Northamptonshire 2019?  This guide will help you.

Beckworth Emporioum
The most popular for Northampton residents and our favourite.  Beckworth has opened early this year and you can already go! Lots of half price tickets available £8 adult and £6 child penguins are £5 each.  There are Friday Fun Nights from 29th November at 7 & 8pm.  If you don't fancy skating give curling a try maximum 8 players and £90 off peak or £180 peak.  Session lasts 80 minutes and show grippers included in the price.

Beckworth Emporium Ice Skating

Whilton Locks Garden Village 
From 16th November and with sit on bananas and some super saver deals why not try this ice skating rink in Daventry NN11 2NH. Some dates have 50% off check their website for all the dates & times.  The best deal is £6 Adult (£12 full price) £5 child (£10 full price) £4 penguin and £8 banana (2 children can fit).  

Corby Ice Rink next to the Willow Place Gateway car park
From 3rd November after a slight delay.  Prices £9.50 adult, £7.50 child and £5 for a blue whale skating aid or £6 for a polar bear. Sessions are 45 minutes long and 100 skates can take to the ice.  Some evening disco events have been lined up.

Kettering pop up ice rink
It appears this will be one day only! Saturday 14th December 10 to 4pm.  Ice rink & curling lane on the market place.

Winterland MK at Towcester Racecourse
Opening 22nd November 6 to 10pm till 5th January.  Ice skating will be available 45 minute sessions £13.50 per adult £9.50 children aged 12 & under family tickets are available for 2 adults 2 children or 1 adult 3 children £39 push along penguin £5.  You can book your slot online www.winterlandmk.com

Just outside the 'Shire Milton Keynes has Planet Ice for year round ice skating and the Snozone which is not for ice skating but is for snow! Family sledging sounds fun.  Sessions are 45 minutes £12.99 per person at weekends cheaper weekdays.


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